Larry Stylinson One Shots!

Hello there beautiful readers!!!! Well this is basically those crazy ideas that come o my head but it's not long enough to write a whole fan fiction so yeah ;) It's mostly Larry but I've been working on a Gashton (Gemma and Ashton) story so yeah xD Hope you guys like it :D


1. Intro

Hello There Beautiful Person Reading This!!!!!!

Well, like the prologue says this is a book for Larry one shots (short stories) :D I have so many ideas but some of them aren't long enough to write a 10 chapter fan fiction so I decided to do this book for one shots ;) Most of them will be Larry, but right now, right now I'm working on a Gashton (Gemma and Ashton) one NO HATE! And I'm sure I'll be writing more other things so yeah hope you guys likes it!!!! And don't forget to add it to your favorites, like it, comment on it and share it with your friends because sharing is caring xD Love you guys to bits from the bottom of my Larry heart, Astrid :)x

P.s: And it rated "R" because I don't want complain!!! I don't really know if anything violent or sexual will happen but I just want to be prepared :)






"Fate took soul mates to a whole new level with Harry and Louis"

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