Larry Stylinson One Shots!

Hello there beautiful readers!!!! Well this is basically those crazy ideas that come o my head but it's not long enough to write a whole fan fiction so yeah ;) It's mostly Larry but I've been working on a Gashton (Gemma and Ashton) story so yeah xD Hope you guys like it :D


5. I Remember You

It's been a year since he passed away but for him still feels like if it was yesterday. It's been a year since he saw those green eyes so full of life. He didn't understand why and he still doesn't. How can be possible to lose someone with a warning or goodbye.

He drags his feet up to his music studio, he takes a deep breath as he opens the door. A smile is form in his lips when he eyes meet the object that has helped him so much in this tragedy. He gets close to it and closes his eyes as rubs it. He feels a tickle as the wood make contact with this fingertips. He lower  hand a little, until he reaches the keys of the instrument.

The sound feels delicious against his ears, it's sound that have been with him since the day they gave him the news. He takes a seat in front of the piano and places his hands on the keys. He takes another deep breath before starting a melody that he has been working on for a few days.

His hands lands on the D chord, in a few seconds they move to Em.  He hands move again to G, to A after that and finally lands on D again. The new verse starts and he starts on D again and Em after that. He moves them to G, to A, to D and so on. He finishes the melody and smile. He takes a note book and a pen. He looks at a picture of him and Harry that he keeps on his studio. He looks back to his paper and begins to write.

You know my love, I've never forgotten you

I remember you in every start that shine

You know my love, I've always remembered you

I see you in every flower that the hummingbird is offered

He smiles and plays the melody, but this time he sings the lyrics with a knot in his throat. He finishes the last line in tears, remembering every single thing he did with Harry. They didn't so much in public because they couldn't and because they were on the biggest boy band in the world but every time they came home they enjoyed each other complain as if it was going to be the last time that they were going to be together. He keeps playing the melody and more lyrics come to his mind. He stops and write them down on the notebook. 

You know my love, I've always found you

 In each mallow that's blooming 

In every bird that sings 

When sunrise and sunset

I remember you

He smiles as he keeps writing more lyrics

When the leafs dance 

When the wind moves them

When the night is white 

When at seven is dark 

When the rain falls 

when it disappears 

When the moon rises as the sun sets 

I remember you ... I will remember you...

He puts his delicates fingers on the key again, he plays the meloy as he sings to him. He knows Harry is listening to him wherever he is, Louis knows that Harry is listing to him. He sings with so much passion that if you hear him you might understand his pain a bit. 

"I will always remember you," Louis whispers


Hello My Beautiful Readers!!!!!!!!

 scnjvbjebvvbsvjrvbjrebvjege OH DEAR, what did I just do!? (/.|) {I tried to make a emoji, the monkey one covering his eyes xD} I'm sorry this idea just came to my mind because there's a song in Spanish that reminds me of Larry {what a shock!} and javnsjvbrhbvrbgrbv I couldn't resist!!!!!! I'm sorry if you're waiting for the second part to Our Little Miracle but I'm bit stuck on the one ... Oops! But I'll try to finish it as soon as I can, I promised :D Massive thank you for the likes, the comments, the views and the favorite list thing! Love you guys to pieces from the bottom of my Larry heart,






"Fate took soul mates to a whole new level with Harry and Louis"

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