Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


8. Chapter 8.

- - - - - - - - - - 

"Yes, this is exactly how we met." Jessie states, and I try to stifle my giggle, after his oh-so romantic story about how he being his clumsy self, knocked me down in the cafe, and he had to buy me a new t-shirt, because he ruined my first one. "It must had clicked between you." Angela states, and I smile at her. "It did." I reply, nicely, and try not to fix my gaze on her for a long time, she'll think I'm a creep, staring at her like that.

"How old are you, again?" Robert, asks, across the table, and I look at him. "Eighteen." I state, plainly, and he nods his head. "You're very young."He replies, and Jessie smiles at his dad, grabbing my hand, on the table, showing them at least something, they probably wanted to see. They smile, and look at each other sideways, probably happy to see connection between us.

"Mom, can we go upstairs? I want to show Amelia something." Jessie, says, standing up, still holding on to my hand. His mom nods, and waves his hand, towards the stairs, telling him to go on. I stand up, and follow behind him closely, and smile a little when he does not let go of my hand, on the stairs, even though his parent's aren't watching anymore.

"You'll like this type of things, I used to come here, all of the time when I needed space and you go to Paulie's nearly every day, so I guessed that's exactly what you need." He states, and opens the door to a little attic for me. I look at him questioningly. "I'm afraid of the dark, height, and spiders." I state, and he chuckles, while rubbing the back of his neck. "That's gonna be a problem then. Just hold on to my hand, the darkness is the most important part." He states, and squeezes my hand. I sigh, but find myself nodding somehow. 

He walks in front of me, leading me somewhere, and I stumble, a few times, on some things. "It has to be cleaned, here, sorry." He mumbles, and comes to a stop finally. He sits down on the ground, and I sit down right beside him. "If its gets cold, tell me I'll get an extra blanket." He says, and lays down, putting his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling. I stare at him, confused and he laughs, sending his medical laugh, ringing through the whole attic. 

"Lay down, and look up." He instructs, and I do what he said. I lay right beside him, and stare at the ceiling. Gasping and smiling, when I seen what was up on the ceiling. A little stickers, in the shapes of the stares, cover the whole ceiling, and it looks so real, so, intriguing. "Its amazing isn't it?" he asks, but when I look at him, I see him laying with his eyes closed. "It is. How did you come up with the idea?" I ask, smiling, and he opens his eyes. "I guess I was lonely, and as a teenager, I always loved astronomy, stars seem, enchanting, hypnotizing even." He replies, and looks down at me, grinning. 

I smile, and look up, again. "Why did you went to Paulie's appointment, in the first place?" he questions, and I shrug. "My mom send me, there. She though I needed help. I kinda went through a lot of stuff, during a short period of time." I answer, and he squeezes my arm. Probably, telling me its okay. "You seem to trust me." He mumbles, and I giggle. "Its different with you. I don't know why. I know I can trust you." 

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