Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


7. Chapter 7.

"What?" We both ask, at the same time, me standing on my feet by now. "What I was saying is, Amelia, wants to meet new people, and you, Jessie need help. Why not help each other?" She asks, us, smiling, walking towards us, making her way slowly, and gracefully. "You little one." She says, pointing at me. "Your task, is just smile and answer the question. Maybe a kiss, that's all. I know his parents, they're nice people, they would love you."She finishes, and I groan. "What's the point? Even if they will like me. They'll never see me again remember, its all fake." I mumble. "They don't have to see you again." Jessie, replies. I look at him confused. "They want to see the girl, I am seeing. Its enough to meet you once. I'll just pretend we're still dating." He says, sitting down, on the chair, I previously sat in. 

"Listen to the guy." Paulie says, going back to the chair, too. Leaving me the only one standing. I sigh, and sit down, on the arm of the chair, beside Jessie, to close for my liking. "When is the dinner, and what will I've to do?" I ask them, and they grin widely. "If I'll say yes, I mean." I add in, and they both chuckle. "Dinner, is today at 8, just pretend as if you're madly in love with me. You'll get to meet my little sister, niece, mom and dad, my older sister, is working late, today, but she left her daughter at my parent's place. So, that is. Just four members, of my family if you don't count me." He explains, and I nod my head, sighing, closing my eyes, for a second. "Is that a yes?" Jessie asks, quietly,  making sure. "Yes. Yes. Fine I am in." I groan, and they both cheer. "Well, then I guess you can go home now Amelia, since, family dinner, is important.'Paulie teases, and I blush. I groan, and grab my bag. "Why did I said yes, again?" I ask them ,both, while looking through my bag, making sure, I've everything I need.

"Do you need help, picking out an outfit?" Paulie, calls out just as I was about to exit her office. "Well ,I've never been on family dinners, so give me some tips." I reply, and Jessie, smiles slightly, while looking me up and down. I don't look my best I must admit. Ripped, blue jeans, with black flats with the bow on the front, and black tight top, followed by a white leather jacket, on top. "Wear something, cute but not too revealing. Just in case, his mom can be strict. She knows a lot about fashion."She says and Jessie nods his head probably agreeing. "Heels, for sure. Colors, take pastel colors. Not bright ones of they might get the wrong idea." She says, and I nod my head, taking everything in my head. "Does it have to be a dress?" I ask them, frowning. I'm not the best in dresses, I look like a fat and clumsy cow. "Yes. It has to be a dress." Jessie answers, and I groan. "Fine. Will you pick me up, or?" I question, look at him. "I will, leave me your address." He replies, nodding his head. I take pen from Paulie, and quickly write my number, on the yellow, sticker.

- - - - - - - - - -

I finish, curling my hair, finally, after thirty minutes, of hell. My hair are naturally wavy, so I had to straighten them first, and only after this, I was able to curl, them, into nice curls. I put in a little beige bow, on the right side, to prevent them from falling in to my eyes. I pull my dress down a little, thinking its way too short, for me. I shake my head, not even bothering anymore, and put on my beige high heels, with bow in front. At least everything matches. I grab the jacket from the hanger, just in case I might not need it, because Jessie is picking me up. I put on cherry lip gloss, on  making my lips look glossy, and more full. I did my make up earlier, smokey eyes, mascara, a bit of foundation, and of course blusher on my cheeks but I don't really need it. Just as I was about to sit down on my bed, I head knock on my door.

I make my way, to the door, slowly. I sigh and open it. Jessie smiles at me, before looking me up and down, his eyes, stopping on my revealed legs, for a while. I cough, and he looks me up in the eyes, weak blush finding the way up to his cheeks. I giggle, and step aside letting him in. "I'm ready, I just have to take my jacket, and my bag." I say, before running to my room. I grab everything, and go back, to the hall. He smiles. "You look nice." Flirt. I blush, and nod my head. "Thank you." I look him up and down. He doesn't look so bad himself. In black jeans, and white shirt.  He walks me to his car, which I might say will cost a fortune, for sure. Jessie opens the door for me, and I slide in.

- - - - - - -
After about ten minutes of driving he grabs my hand suddenly and I gasp. "What are you doing?" I ask him, confused, about to take my hand away. "We're just about here. Just go with it." He replies, and I nod my head. We finally stop, and he opens the door for me, I smile, and he takes my hand, walking me to the door, of the rich looking house.

"Everything's gonna be alright, okay?" he says, and I nod my head. "Hi, darling." A sweet voice greets, Jessie, and I look at the doorway, meeting a young looking woman, with my eyes, dress in a nice black and red dress, going right down to her knees, with platformed black shoes on her feet, blonde hair, short, but curled. I smile, at her. "Oh, this must be Amelia."                                                                          

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