Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


6. Chapter 6.

Amelia's P.o.v.

 "Welcome, back Amelia." Paulie, greets me as soon as I enter her office. I smile,and nod my head. "How are you, today?" she asks, me smiling, opening her notebook. I shrug, my shoulders not really knowing the answer myself. "The same. I guess." I reply, and she nods her head, taking it down, probably to see if I'm making any progress, since the first time I talked to her. "How did the letter made you feel?" she questions, me while putting her pen on top of the notebook.I smile, and start playing with my fingers. "For a minute I thought free, like I finally left out all my emotions. But then I realized I was just desperate, to make someone care. To think I have at least one person who cares." I reply, honestly. 

"Do you still want to die?" she asks, me taking the pen in her hands again. "Sometimes." I reply. "Are you feeling suicidal?" "Not actively." "Explain." "I don't think I actually have courage, to harm myself, but if I were to be walking across the road and a car was coming straight, for me I am not sure I would get out of the way. " I explain, leaning back on the chair, satisfied with my answer. "I-" she starts off, but gets cut off with the door opening loudly. She looks straight at the person behind me, smiling, and I not letting my courage take over me, keep staring at the leather notebook laying, peacefully, on the table. "Jessie. How many times, do I've to tell you to knock?" she asks, while shaking her head still smiling. "Its important." he states, but I hear a chuckle, after. I start playing with my fingers carelessly.

"My parents, are annoying me. They want to meet my 'girlfriend.'"He states, while rolling his eyes."And how can I help you?" Paulie asks, him, jokingly. "I need you to ask one of your friends, to go with me to the dinner or something. Just play along." He replies, sighing. "Well I've one girl, she is single, as much as I know, she doesn't have any plans, and she needs help herself. So she would be willing to help you."She states, proudly. "Who?" Jessie asks, intrigued. "Amelia." 

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