Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


5. Chapter 5.

Jessie's P.O.V. 

 I fold the paper neatly into two, putting it back in to the envelope. "Love letters?" Max asks, walking inside the living room, while drying his hair, with a towel. I shake, my head while biting my lip. "More of a confession." I reply, while putting it inside the pocket of my jacket, neatly, trying not to crumble it. "What did it say?" he asks, and I shrug. "Just, nothing." I shrug, while looking at him. "Secrets? Oh come on, let me read it." He whines, and I chuckle. 

"Why do you want to read it?" I ask, him jokingly, taking my time. He groans, and grabs my jacket, from me, taking the letter with him. 
About five minutes later, he comes in to the living room, again, his eyes widened a little bit. "That's just..." he mumbles, and I nod my head, while standing up from the couch, grabbing both my jacket, and letter from him, stuffing the letter, inside the pocket, and putting on the jacket. "Where are you off to?" he asks me, while putting on his hoodie, over his head. "Starbuck's."I reply, knowing he'll follow, me as long as I'll pay for his coffee. 

- - - 

"Do you think I should reply?" I ask, Max, while playing with a plastic cup, in my hands. "I think you should. She sounded pretty desperate, and sure you wouldn't reply, Chris." he mocks, me, by using the name, she used in the letter. I slap his head, and sit back down. "Imagine, how happy she would be if she comes home one day, seeing a letter from you." he explains, and I nod my head, smiling slightly, at the picture, which already made its way to my brain. 

"What do you think about the girl herself?" he asks, while sipping the coffee, from the cup slowly. "I don't know her. But I don't like her way of telling her feelings. I'm pretty shocked, she's still holding on. She sounded as if she was ready to give up." I reply and he nods his head, agreeing with me. "She must be." he replies, and I bite my lip, again. "I don't know what to write though.." I mumble, and he chuckles. "She makes you nervous?" he winks, teasing me, and I roll my eyes. "She makes me feel responsible. She told me about her feelings. Meaning she wants somebody to understand her, and tell her she has a reason to stay here. If I'll write something bad, she can do whichever comes into her mind." 

He smiles, and sips his coffee, again. "She sounded so young, by her style of writing, you know. But she had been through a lot, and I can't even imagine how she's coping." I mumble, and Max, nods his head. "Who knows what's going on in people's heads. We all don't know what's going on in another person's live. I am pretty sure,there is something I don't know about you." Max, states, and I gulp, loudly. "Yeah, I agree." 

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