Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


3. Chapter 3.

"So how, are you feeling? Any better?" Dr.Ellis, or should I say Paulie, questioned me, and I shrug. "I am the same." I reply, while focusing my attention, on my shoes. "No, changes at all?" she asks, me, while writing it down. I shake my head, and stare at her. "Its been, one day."I state, and she nods her head. "You're right. But, who knows."she replies, smiling. "What do you think about my friends?" she suddenly asks, and I shrug. "They're nice." I reply, simply, not going in details. They're nice, simple as that. She nods her head, this time, not bothering to write this down. "How do you feel inside?" Paulie, asks, and I bite my lip. "Empty." 

"So I've this idea, about you writing your feelings down on the page."She starts and I nod my head, telling her to continue. "You'll write letters. Just explaining how you feel, what do you want from life, what you're aiming for, at the moment. What you wish never happened. Just about everything." she explains, and I nod my head, once again. "What's the point, in writing letters, if nobody will ever read them?" I ask her, confused. "You'll send them, to a random, address. Just so you'll know, what somebody did read your letters. I mean we don't need the reply. We just need you to get rid of everything inside of you." I nod my head, finally understanding the conception. "So basically, my aim is to get rid of everything I feel inside of me. And I'll never get a reply?" I ask her, and she nods her head. I sigh, but agree to it. Why not? It wont change anything. 

"Fine. I'll go with it. But don't expect me, to write about everything. I'll just write the basic stuff." I state, and she nods her head. "For the beginning, basic stuff is good enough." she replies, simply, still happy with my answer. "Wait. How should I start the letter. I mean usually, you write letters, when you know the person's name.." I mumble, and she smiles, probably, at my sudden interest, in the letter writing. "Use whichever name you like." she replies, smiling. I'll use Chris, simple, but seems catchy. I nod my head, and smile, slightly. I have this, weird addiction to writing, unusual for my age, I love writing stuff. I can write for hours, the only bad point is, my arms start hurting, easily, causing me to stop, after, about an hour. 

"I want to see the first letter, tomorrow, okay?" Paulie, asks, and I nod my head. "Do I've to write it in at home?" I ask her, and she nods her head. "You write it in at home, then bring it in here, tomorrow, and I'll give you the address, and then we'll send it to the receiver, yes?" she asks, me and I nod my head, agreeing with her. 

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