Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


17. Chapter 17.


I look to the side, to catch Amelia looking out of the window with her arms folded neatly on her lap, nibbling on her lip. I smile slightly, and try to focus back on the road, before I cause an accident on the road. I can't stop but look at her again, and she is playing with her bottom lip. I groan quietly, as its one of my biggest turns on and try to suppress getting a boner for no reason what so ever. 

"Can you stop here please? I don't want my mum seeing you. "She says and I nod my head, pulling over beside someone's house. "Today was nice." I tell her grinning and she turns towards me, frowning for some reason. I raise my eyebrows questioningly, but decide not to question her.She was about to get out of my car, when I grabbed her wrist making her snap her face towards me. I smash my lips onto her fast, leaving her in shock. I put my hand on the back of her neck, bringing her even closer to me, and that's when she decides to respond back to me with her lips moving with mine in sync. 

I bring her to sit on my lap and she wraps her arms tightly around my neck, bringing out faces even closer if its possible. The hand that was at the back of her neck, moves down to just below her bum and I rub it up and down there, feeling the goosebumps forming on her skin under my touch, the other hand still remaining on her hip.I pull away from her lips just to trail kissing from her jaw, down to her collarbones. There's one love bite on her collarbones already from the cinema, so I decide to leave another mark down a little bit lower. I bite down on the skin beside her cleavage and she pushes on my head, while moaning encouraging me to keep going. 

I pull away after licking over the love bite and grin like a Cheshire cat. She blushes and leans in again, telling me that she is willing to keep going. I capture her lips again, while looking for a button that pushes the car seats down, finally finding it I click on it sending the seat back making her squeal and pull away, causing her to be sitting on top of my lap while I'm laying down on my back breathing heavily. She smiles and leans down, but instead of kissing me like I thought she would she goes for my neck, hungrily biting on the skin right below my jaw causing me to groan in pleasure.

While leaving a love bite on my neck, she starts to slowly grind her hips into mine and I throw my head back against the seats closing my eyes,and gripping her hips tightly. "If you want me to stop babe, I'd stop if i was you." I say breathless and she comes closer to my ear. "Who says I want you to stop?" I change our position fast, so that she's under me and as I was about to go to her boobs, her phone decides to ring in her pocket. I groan and put my head on top of her chest, trying to calm myself down seeing as someone decided to interrupt us. 

"Shit it's my mom. " She mumbles and I look up still not lifting my head off her chest. "She's gonna break my neck in two I swear."

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