Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


16. Chapter 16.

Amelia's POV. 

"That movie was really good." Paulie says and I nod my head agreeing with her. Bad point is I don't even have a clue what was happening through out, like half the movie because well me and Jessie got carried away a few times and I am pretty sure the slight burning on my collar bone is from the love bite he left too. 

"Yeah it was amazing." Jessie says from behind us and I blush looking down at the ground. "We going to eat now, yeah?" Max says and we all nod our heads agreeing. "I wanna sit at the front now." Max whines and I chuckle. "You go to the front then, I'll sit at the back I don't mind." I reply and squeeze into the back with Paulie. "Nice bruise." Paulie teases and I blush, immediately putting my hair to cover it. 

Lads suddenly let out a loud laughter and I look up at them meeting Jessie's eyes through a rearview mirror. He winks at me and I grin widely before looking back at Paulie, but not before trying to catch parts of their conversations. Could they be talking about what happened between me and Jessie? 

We stop at McDonald's and order meals take away, since the weather is lovely why not eat in some park? 

We crash on the grass and just continue on our conversations. "So did you like it?" He whispers into my ear and I look up at him, with my mouth half opened. "I had better." I reply shrugging my shoulders, and feeling like laughing when I see him looking at me in disbelief. "Much better?" He asks and I pretend to think it through, before him I kissed only one guy and it didn't even lead to an actual make out session so. 

"I am kidding." I reply and he relaxes immediately. "Thought I'd have to prove you wrong for a minute there."He jokes and I giggle. "Nah you're alright." I say and he gasps. That sends me into a complete fit of laughter and Paulie just looks at us shaking her head. 

"You's are such kids." She mumbles and I nod my head. I was about to reply, when I feel my phone vibrating in the pocket of my jacket. I groan knowing its my mom, at least its just a message I can pretend I've seen it later on. 
I read it anyways, and decide not to ignore her, since she sounds pissed off. "Be home soon." I reply since she told me to be home soon. 

"I have to go." I reply and they all look at me startled. "Why so soon? " They asks and I shrug my shoulders. "My ma wants something from me, I should really go." I say and Jessie volunteers to drive me home. 

"I'll come pick Paulie and Max up later." He replies and they agree. 

When we are walking to his car he suddenly brushes his shoulders against mine, and I smile. "Something tells me, it won't be just driving I am going to be doing in that car with you." He whispers and I feel my cheeks going on fire. 


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