Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


15. Chapter 15.

Jessie's POV. 

I chuckle at Max who is singing in the back of my car, let me get this straight he is really bad at singing. Max whistles when he sees the girls straight ahead and I bite my lip looking up and down their bodies. No I am not perving on my best friend's girlfriend's body, she just looks lovely, but I can say whatever I want about Amelia so : hot damn. 

I pull beside them rolling down the window in the process, I grin at Amelia and she grins back blushing lightly. I pat the seat beside me and she walks towards the door opening it and jumping in inside. "Hi." she waves, smiling and I wink at her making her pink again. "So how are you today?" I ask her while starting to drive again after everyone settled down. "Good. You?" Her replies are so simple, it irritates me sometimes. "I am amazing. Have a cute looking girl in the car with me, and my mate is probably getting some in the backseat of my car right now." I tease and Amelia gasps, blushing looking down at her lap. I laugh and I hear chuckling from the back seat. 

"You're so innocent, its entertaining." I point out and she pouts. "I am not innocent." she defends and I roll my eyes. Right. 

We pull out, outside the cinema and girls get out first before nearly running into the cinema. I get out slowly along with Max and we follow them two behind. "We are watching Frozen." Amelia says and I shake my head, scoffing. "I am not watching a cartoon." I say and she stomps her feet on the ground like a small child. "Pick a movie then." She says, upset now while her and Paulie go over to pick snacks for us all. I rub my forehead, annoyed. "I can't believe I am gonna pick a kid's cartoon because of her." I mumble while Max chuckles. "I heard its not that bad." He says and I nod my head. Right. I buy us all tickets for Frozen and notice the girls struggling with keeping all the food they bought in their hands. Max helps them with the popcorn while I take the drinks. And they carry the rest of the snacks. 

"You better thank me for this later." I say while showing her the tickets making her squeal in happiness. I smile and we continue our way into the actual room the movie is going to be in and settle down in the last row. As soon as the lights turn off, I start cracking up. "Paulie and Max better use a condom here." I say and Amelia slaps my arm. 

Half way through the movie I keep on looking at Amelia and biting my lip. Why do I have this sudden urge to kiss her? Maybe its because she keeps on nibbling on her lip and licking it and I just imagine myself doing that for her. I groan quietly before turning towards her. She looks at me confused and I just bring my lips down on to hers, making her freeze for a nanosecond before she starts moving her lips with mine. 

Well I sure as hell am gonna enjoy this movie. 

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