Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


13. Chapter 13.

Amelia's POV. 

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I keep on repeating to myself, after what he said. 

You're a really nice girl Amelia. 

A nice girl. 

Nothing more. So why did for a second I believed that he might tell me he likes me? 

I smile slightly at him and nod my head. "You are a really nice guy too." I say and he grins. "Meh I am more than just nice but that will do." He chuckles and I snicker a bit "Stop flirting you's lovebirds." Paulie exclaims and I smile at her sadly, straight away noticing her smile drop. She raises her eyebrows, a bit and I take that as her sign if I want to talk, but I just shake my head. "You seemed like yous were in a deep conversation, there." Jessie points out and I just take a sip of the coke I ordered. "Nah, just some unimportant stuff." Max shrugs and Paulie hums along, agreeing. 

"I am gonna go to the toilet. " I say standing up, and rush to the bathroom. I nearly trip on my own two feet, while speed walking there, and I hear someone stand up behind me too but I don't care enough to pay attention who it is. I close the door in one of cubicles after me, and slid down the wall quietly, before biting into my lip to prevent myself from screaming. I rub under my eyes angrily stopping the stupid tears from coming out. But they still do. 

There's a knock on the door and I almost feel like biting the head off the person who is outside. "Amelia open up, please." Paulie's voice says, and I nearly chuckle at the fact that she didn't trust me enough to go to the toilet alone. "No, go away." I mutter and she signs. "Come on sweety open up, I just want to make sure you're okay." She says and I let a whimper slip out. I slid away from the door and she walks inside, sitting in front of me on the floor, smiling sadly. She hugs me tightly and I cling on to her, shaking against her touch.

"Tell me what got you so upset? Is it something Jessie said? Or did you see something or someone?" She asks and I shake my head against her shoulders, calming down slightly. "I just overreacted. " I reply and she rubs my back. "Because of?" 

"I just I heard a guy I think I like say that he likes another girl, and that I am nothing but a nice girl and all and I guess right then I realised that I like him, but then I remembered that he said that I am a really good girl, and before that he mentioned that I remind him of someone else and I realised that he likes someone else. Its sad." I explain and she continues rubbing my back. 

"Did he straight away tell you, he doesn't like?" She asks and I shake my head. "No, but he treats me as if I am his baby sister." She chuckles "That doesn't mean anything sweety, some guys act like that when they like someone too, they just feel protective over them." She says and I shake my head. "Its nothing really, I don't even like him that much."

She pulls away and rubs under my eyes with her fingers, before smiling. 

"Is it by any chance Jessie you're on about?" She suddenly asks, and I stare at her wide eyed and with bright red cheeks that can probably burn someone right now. She looks back at me and I bite my lip. 

How did she realise? That means he might know too. Oh god if he knows, I am going to throw myself off the bridge or move countries. 


"Yes that guy I like is Jessie."


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