Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


12. Chapter 12.

Amelia's POV. 

"So what's wrong?" Paulie asks and I have an urge to start biting my nails. "You said that the address I am writing to is fake, made up!" I exclaim and she nods her head. "How come I got a reply to my letter today then?" I say and she shakes her head. "Must be a coincidence, I picked the first address, that showed up to me on Google." She explains and I rub my forehead, worried. "What if its some creeper? And I am telling him all my problems?"I mumble and she stands up walking to get me a glass of water. "Did he say anything bad in his letter?" She asks and I shake my head. "Then I am pretty sure I can assure you that its not a creeper, and that he won't do anything bad just because you're telling him about stuff." She says passing me the full filled glass and I take the smallest sip in the world probably. 

"Look Amelia, you should relax with all the overthinking, its just a stranger you're chatting to, they don't know how you look like, so they for sure can't do anything bad towards you." She says and I nod my head. "How about we go out somewhere nice today? It might help you get your mind off some things. I'll ask Jessie and Max to go with us." As soon as she mentions Jessie's name I flush red and look down again. "That'd be great I guess." I reply and she smiles. "Good I am gonna text them both now and see what they say." She says and in a matter of next two minutes she gets a reply from both of them already."Do you wanna go home and change or are you gonna go like this?" She says and I look down at the pair of old jeans I have on and a weird looking hoodie. "I am definitely going to change." I say and she chuckles. "Okay let's meet up at Nando's? At 7? Or I can pick you up?" She suggests and I nod my head. "That'd be nice. You know my address, right?" I ask and she nods her head. 

I leave right away and drive home. I walk inside a quiet house for once immediately knowing my mom is not here. I walk into my room, trying to decide on a good enough outfit. I end up picking out a baby pink tight skirt, along with a flowery flowy top to go with it, and a white denim jacket on top, and a pair of beige platform shoes to finish off the outfit I put on a flower crown on my head too, and earrings and necklace on. I look in the mirror and smile at my reflection. I look cute. 

At 6:58 I hear a knock on my door and I run to open the door. I smile at Paulie looking her up and down, black flowy lace skirt on her, with a fully black blouse except from the collar of it which is white, and a black cardigan on top fully opened, and on her feet she has leather high heels. "You look nice." We both say at the same time and crack up. 

We end up getting to Nando's really fast and I get out of the car, suddenly shy as soon as I see guys smiling at us outside the restaurant. "S'up lads." Paulie exclaims and I giggle loudly, while the lads keep straight faces as if they're completely used to this. We walk inside and end up sitting like this: Paulie on one side of the table, with Max and me beside Jessie on the other, making me feel really uncomfortable. We order our food and I constantly catch Jessie staring at me. "What?" I ask in the end and he just shakes his head, smiling. "Sorry its just you make me remember someone." He replies and I nod my head. "A good person I hope." I reply and he chuckles. "Absolutely." 

I decide not to reply and look at the couple in front of us, who seem like they're arguing but doing it very quietly so no one could hear them. Paulie looks up to me, completely ignoring what Max is telling her and smiles. "You okay?" she asks and I nod my head fast, I really am. 

"My mom loves you." Jessie suddenly says and I look at him. "She can't stop bringing you up all the time, and she is making it much harder for me to come up with a reason why we broke up. " He jokes and I giggle. "I was glad to help you." I reply and he nods his head. 

"You're a really nice girl Amelia." 


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