Touched by an Angel.

And remember you were beautiful before he told you, you are.


11. Chapter 11.

Jessie's POV.

I knock on Paulie's door, and open it without actually waiting for what she has to say. She looks up from her table, and looks at me weirdly. "Since when do you knock?" She puts the emphasise on the word 'you'. I chuckle. "Felt like surprising you." I reply and she nods her head. "Well you accomplished your mission then." 

"Do you think you can like someone you don't even know? Like you haven't seen them even once, you only read from them? " I ask her and she looks at me, confused. "Love has no boundaries. I find the chances of that happening very unlikely. But I think you can love or like someone you haven't met, yes. " I slump my shoulders and groan. "I feel like punching myself in the eye." I mumble and she laughs. 

"Do you wanna talk about it? " She questions and I roll my eyes. "Don't go all phychiatrist on me. " I reply and rub my nose bridge. "All I know is that I think I might like someone who I haven't met even once." I reply and she smiles. "Well it happens. Its not a bad thing.Since when is liking someone bad?" She asks and I shrug my shoulders. "Its not the fact that I like her that I don't like, its the fact that I have no clue how she looks like, what she really is like, and I think i like her. And I find it stupid of me." 

She suddenly smiles down at her lap and then grins at me. "Well if you say its stupid, you might get over her soon." I nod my head. 

Just then I hear another quiet knock on the door and I look behind me to see who it is, while Paulie stands up and makes her way to the door and makes me wonder for the 100th time how can girls walk on heels all day? They look like death trap, even though they do make their legs look sexy. 

"Amelia." She exclaims and I smile at the name. "I thought we had an appointment tomorrow?" Paulie questions letting Amelia walk in and she stares at me for a while before looking down at her feet. "Yeah but something happened today and I needed to talk to you." she says and I take that as my turn to leave. "I'll talk to you later on. " I tell Paulie and she nods her head. 

I look at Amelia for a second,  She has lovely bright ginger hair, and a nice body, she is not short nor tall, and from what I seen so far she is a really nice girl. 

I wonder if my Amelia is similar to this one? 

I hope she is. 


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