Behind The Mask

All her life Alexandra May felt like her life was perfect, maybe too perfect. Whenever she would get into a fight at school she always got out of trouble quickly, as if someone bribed the principle to let her of easy. Whenever she got a bad grade in a test her mother would serve her blueberry pancakes with a smile, and say, "That's fine dear, now eat up!" As if she didn't care if her daughter failed a grade or not. Now Alexandra is turning 16 and she feels like something isn't right. Like something inside her is telling her this isn't her life. When she catches her mother talking to a strange man that she has never met before, she soon fits the puzzle pieces together and realizes that this isn't her family. What else in her life is a lie? Everything? Is she a lie herself too?


4. Cold Shoulder

     That was the day Cassie's Grandmother, Gramma Tina, died of a heart attack. Cassie went into a state of shock after hearing the news and for weeks she wouldn't talk. Gramma Tina made Cassie so happy, maybe that was the reason Cassie wasn't opening up to me. Maybe she was remembering her, since the 6th year anniversary of her grandmother's death was coming up soon, and she was depressed.

     I still didn't buy the idea though, since Cassie always cried on my shoulder when she goes through her grieving process from 6 years ago to now. As I stuffed my school books into my leather bag I grabbed my dark crimson and black skateboard out from my locker, and walked through the empty hallways of my school. 

     It was 4:15 pm when I headed for the exit and most of the students were gone doing who knows what. The only reason why I stayed later was that I had drama club from 3:05 to 4:00 every Thursday afternoon. I rather loved being on stage, being characters that weren't me. I loved dressing in costumes and putting on makeup so I wouldn't look like the Alexandra May Dale everyone knew.

     Once I reached my house, I pulled out my phone and texted Cassie, asking her if I could come over. As I strolled in through the front door I felt a vibrate against my left thigh and the beginning of 'Demons' by Imagine Dragons started. I unlocked my phone and read her reply. 


      "Can't. Relatives over."


      "What? Are you serious they're there? Don't lie to me Cassie."


       "They are! Really, don't come over. Gtg bye."


       I growled at my friend's lame excuse for not wanting me over, and tried to call her. As soon as I heard Cassie's voice mail recording kick in, I hung up. I tried another 6 times before I gave up and sat down on the dark chocolate couch in our living room. I laid my head back on the furniture, why was she ignoring me? Her relatives weren't over, I knew for a fact since she would be blabbing her mouth off at school about seeing her cousins Layla and Connor. *sigh* Something was up.

      I sighed and set my phone down on the coffee table in front of me, and stood up to get something to eat. I opened the fridge and saw one of my mom's green food containers sitting in the second shelf with a note on it. I took the note off of the container as I put it down on the counter, and read what it said. "Was called into work on short notice. Be back at 7:00 pm. Steak and mashed potatoe leftovers inside. Love you sweetie, Mom."

      I sighed and popped the leftovers back into the fridge for later. I walked upstairs, not expecting my older brother Josh to be at home. He was probably at some friend's house playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Assassin's Creed 3, again. He really didn't spend much time at home during the school year, unlike me. I usually stayed in my room all day after school, blogging or reading new books, unless Cassie and I would do something together.

      Sitting on my bed I opened my new Dell computer and turned it on. I waited a few moments until I could get a search engine up and get on my email account. I checked to see if there was any new feed and sighed disapprovingly at the screen. I was expecting something would come from Cassie or Luke, a guy friend of mine, to come in but nothing did. I muttered something under my breathe and headed for my closet to pick out "comfy clothes" for after my shower.

      Once I chose a baggy pair of dark grey Aero sweat pants and a blank navy blue t-shirt, I headed for the bathroom across from my room in the hallway. I stepped into the room, the cold black and white checkered tiles hitting my bare feet, and placed my clothes on the sink. I got undressed and turned the water to boiling hot, something that no one other then me in my family could stand, and stepped in. I let the burning water soak into my skin before I started to wash my greasy hair. Letting the worry and confusion of the day wash down the drain, I focused on enjoying myself through the steaming shower. Tomorrow was a brand new day to survive. 

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