Behind The Mask

All her life Alexandra May felt like her life was perfect, maybe too perfect. Whenever she would get into a fight at school she always got out of trouble quickly, as if someone bribed the principle to let her of easy. Whenever she got a bad grade in a test her mother would serve her blueberry pancakes with a smile, and say, "That's fine dear, now eat up!" As if she didn't care if her daughter failed a grade or not. Now Alexandra is turning 16 and she feels like something isn't right. Like something inside her is telling her this isn't her life. When she catches her mother talking to a strange man that she has never met before, she soon fits the puzzle pieces together and realizes that this isn't her family. What else in her life is a lie? Everything? Is she a lie herself too?


3. Bitter Sweet Memories


       "Alex! Come get me!"


        A voice sounded from a bush, making a few leaves rustle.


       "Cassie you're not suppose to say anything when I come find you. You give yourself away." I said in an amused tone.


      I poked my head into the bush, just to come face to face with Cass. "Sorry." She said, standing up and brushing dirt off herself. "I forgot that." I rolled my eyes and grinned. Today was the day we were going to go over to Cassie's grandparent's house for the day to play. Me and Cass were playing in her backyard while we waited for her mom to take us there.

      "You know...we both will be 11 soon so that means we have to make our "Birthday Gift Super List"," Cassie said plopping down on the soft green lawn and started chewing on a stalk of grass. I sat down next to her, my sea green summer dress blowing calmly in the breeze.

      "I don't want anything." I said curtly. Cass almost choked on her grass.

     "WHAT!?!?!?!" she exclaimed, looking so shocked that by the slightest touch she'd faint. "You're out of your mind! You're suppose to get stuff on your birthday Alex!" Cass retorted stubbornly. 

      I sighed and played with my fingers, "I-I have so doesn't seem fair to get new stuff since I have so many toys...and books...and.."

      "AND you are crazy to think that I won't get you anything." she interrupted me.

      I sighed again, "Well you can get something for me, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it." I said looking straight into her dazzling emerald eyes.

      "Well I'll have to force you to like it then because I want you to be happy on your b-day," she replied with a smirk, punching me in the arm softly. I smiled and punched her back. 

       We both heard the rusty hinges of the back door creak as it opened and we turned our heads simultaneously. "Mom! Lets-"       "Lets get you both in the car girls. We won't be going to Gramma's house today," she said in a panicked voice. Her face was pale and her eyes were puffy from previously crying. Cassie and I exchanged a confused look, but we said nothing as we stepped into the car in the gravel driveway. 

     After a few minutes of silence in the car, Mrs. Derman started sniffling and soon she broke out crying on the steering wheel. Cass and I, being in the back seats, didn't know what to do to help. We just stared at the car floor, or out the window, while we listened to Cassie's mother cry her heart out. While we neared the QuickCare Medical Center's parking lot, I started to get a bad feeling. 


A/N. Ok, so this is the third chapter to my first movella and I would reeaally appreciate some feedback from you guys that have read it already, or are currently reading it. I have asked my mom to help proofread my writing, so we have gone back and fixed my already published work. Thanks for reading. Love you guys! Thanks!

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