Behind The Mask

All her life Alexandra May felt like her life was perfect, maybe too perfect. Whenever she would get into a fight at school she always got out of trouble quickly, as if someone bribed the principle to let her of easy. Whenever she got a bad grade in a test her mother would serve her blueberry pancakes with a smile, and say, "That's fine dear, now eat up!" As if she didn't care if her daughter failed a grade or not. Now Alexandra is turning 16 and she feels like something isn't right. Like something inside her is telling her this isn't her life. When she catches her mother talking to a strange man that she has never met before, she soon fits the puzzle pieces together and realizes that this isn't her family. What else in her life is a lie? Everything? Is she a lie herself too?


2. Better Late Then Never

      As I walked into the classroom, all eyes fell on me. I could hear a voice in the back of my mind, Just walk casually back through the door like nothing happened. I was tempted to comply to the offer my subconscious mind gave, but it was too late, Mr. Walick saw me. "Ah Ms. Dale, so nice of you to join us. Please come sit down, we've been waiting for you," he said in a casual mocking tone. I took in a sharp breathe and walked forward, knowing that if I said anything he would just use it against me. I kept my head low as I walked through the rows of desks neatly placed in a 9 by 9 square. My seat was the second to last in the second row closest to the door, so it didn't take me long to get there. I sat down and sighed. I put my books in my desk, rested my chin on my hand which was in an "L" shaped position, and exhaled.

      I really didn't enjoy science but I had to put up with it in order to keep my grades up. It seemed like science took forever, and Mr. Walick was taking his time getting through the subject just to infuriate me. I felt a sharp jab in my ribs and turned my head to the left where I found the friendly face of my best friend Cassie Derman. "You look like you died and came back as a zombie," she whispered, looking me up and down in amusement.

      "I didn't get much sleep last night ok? When I finally got some sleep, I slept in and rushed," I replied sitting up taller as Mr. Walick scanned the students suspiciously before turning back to the board. I turned back to Cassie and looked at her squarely. "You don't look all too well either Cass...what's wrong?" I asked her. When I mentioned her looks, her composure changed into one of hesitance, and confusion. Her eyes darkened and diverted to her hands, which she fumbled with. 

      "Cass," I whispered sternly.

      "What!" she hissed back.

     "Don't lie to me. I know there's something wrong but you           can trust me...just tell me when you're ready," I assured her. Cassie hesitated, but didn't answer me. She looked down into her lap like she was found guilty of something.

      With that I turned back to Mr. Walick, finally paying attention. I could sense that Cassie had something on her mind but I don't know why she looked so guilty. I mean sure she had family problems here and there, but she has always been open to me...I wonder why she's acting like this.


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