Behind The Mask

All her life Alexandra May felt like her life was perfect, maybe too perfect. Whenever she would get into a fight at school she always got out of trouble quickly, as if someone bribed the principle to let her of easy. Whenever she got a bad grade in a test her mother would serve her blueberry pancakes with a smile, and say, "That's fine dear, now eat up!" As if she didn't care if her daughter failed a grade or not. Now Alexandra is turning 16 and she feels like something isn't right. Like something inside her is telling her this isn't her life. When she catches her mother talking to a strange man that she has never met before, she soon fits the puzzle pieces together and realizes that this isn't her family. What else in her life is a lie? Everything? Is she a lie herself too?


5. A/N. Delay

     So I know I haven't updated in at least a month and I'm REALLY sorry to those who have been waiting for me. I thank you if you haven't given up on this story I praise you for it.

     Lately I have been very busy with school, social drama, family etc. I really want to continue this Movella and fulfill it but I haven't been able to get on the computer to ACTUALLY get some work done on here. Plz don't hold a grudge on me when I say this, but I don't know when I will update next and I really am trying my best. I will try to have it done either today or sometime during this week. 

      Again I'm terribly sorry for the delay :P Plz, Read On!

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