Books of Kytar: The Conquest of Dakesh

This is a collection of short "sagas" of how each nation in Dakesh was conquered.
Each "saga" is told in the perspective of a character during that time.


1. The Conquest of Kytar

 As told by Rooka, age 8 at the time, who witnessed the unraveling of these events.

Sage of Kytar ran through the forest, the vines clutching her legs and the brambles cutting her arms. Her infant daughter began crying and she hugged the baby closer to her chest. "Why," she thought, "did they have to come today?"  Her twin 1 year old daughters, bound to her back so she would not drop them, bounced and also began crying. She quickly cast a temporary silent spell over all three of them. She stumbled as she jumped over a yaite, a type of bush, nearly dropping the infant. Explosions sounded and screams rang out behind her. They were coming. They were coming for her, and her daughters.  And they would kill any anyone who got in their way. And any woman they saw or heard.Sage had to find a hiding spot for her heirs, and fast. She knew that she would not survive the Rassami attack, but her daughters just might. Animals and creatures came running out of the forest and Sage vaulted onto the back of a Nshakalti, a shadow-deer, which, understanding the predicament, and knowing her position and power in that forest, allowed her to hold on until they reached the edge of the wood and then promptly shook her off. As the animal ran away, Sage grunted and quickly looked behind her with pale eyes and saw the men on horses, gaining ground quicker and quicker. These men were the Rassami and their horses were the most vicious of their kind; Arumii, huge war horses, that can travel impossibly fast, so fast that there are rumors that they could run across water. Sage scanned the area and saw a bush large enough to hold her daughters. She ran quickly over to the bush, unbound the twins and placed them in the bush. She placed her gold locket around the the one who always was the most trouble's neck and whispered, "A naA rolka taAk katNaa ru," I will always be there. She heard a loud whinny and turned and saw that her pursuers were getting closer. She quickly covered them with foliage and sprinted toward Oonuk. She cradled her last daughter to her chest and told her self to be braver and that it was going to be fine. Kytaruns were fast; the fastest people in the world. She could outrun any horse. But, her faith faltered when she heard a voice ring out among the cries and pleas-

"Queene Sage, of the Moon Clan, of the realm of Kytar." The voice sounded closer than she was expecting.

Sage froze and turned. Less than two meters away was what she assumed was the leader, the Rassami general, the man called Robak Na.

"Leave rana ka, evil one. You are not welcome here." she called back to him.

"Hah, hah! Arokna, hail!, her highness, her exalted person. Sound the trumpets! Her 'highness' has stopped to watch her kingdom fall." He mocked, Sage assumed this is what he would do to every nation leader before he killed them.

"Why, aren't you excited? You should be honored, " he offered as he dismounted and handed the reins to a nearby man. The Arumii horse nickered and attempted to bite his owners ear as the General walked past. "After all, your sister, the High Emperuss, chose your beautiful kingdom to invade and destroy first.

' Of course, you are probably wondering how you tie into everything. Well, as you may have realized, your exalted sister has decided to fulfill her destiny and life-long dream to rule the whole of Dakesh!" He exclaimed as he slowly stepped closer to Sage. Sage braced herself for more taunts. Instead, her walked around her and stopped behind her. She heard him draw his knife and Sage instinctively threw out her arm to try to catch him off balance, but he caught it and viciously twisted it behind her back.

"And you, dear, are the first to fall."

The last thing Sage heard was the laughter of his men.

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