My Mockingjay (Hunger Games) *The Writing Games*

"What is going on!" I scream at the top of my lungs. If Snow did anything to Katniss I swear he will pay.
"Your little montage has played out long enough, Mr. Mellark. Your significant other has seemed to set fire to our arena, and our society." He smirks, showing off a set of blood red teeth. I yank on my chains once again.
"What do you mean?" I grunt at the force of the restraints holding my body to the cold metal chair beneath me.
"Ms. Everdeen has started a war, and is somewhere in another District. As for yours, well, she couldn't be there," He laughs, and I know what he means. The uprising has started, Katniss escaped the arena, and I am in the Capitol at the mercy of President Snow.


5. More Mistakes

 Four days pass, with no sign that anyone else is even in the building with Johanna and me. No food, no water, nothing. All I can do is think, and even that is a great challenge. The pain in my stomach and the dryness of my throat makes it impossible to even talk to Johanna through the wall. It's so silent over there, I think she might be dead, until I hear her stirring in her sleep. As if we could sleep.

 At the crack of dawn, a peacekeeper unlocks my cell door with a loud jolt. I wish I could stand, to show off my strength, but they have taken that away from me as well.

 "Peeta Mellark, stand." His voice is short, loud, and strained. I stay crouched where I am for a few seconds, wondering if he has anything to give me; if Snow is showing mercy. Big mistake.

 "Stand!" He says again, brining his gun up to my head. I look up at him, daring the trigger to be pulled.

"You can't. You know you can't." I say nonchalantly, with a small smirk that makes every muscle in my body scream. But I don't care. I don't care about anything at the moment, just the constant hunger is reminding me I even human anymore. Inside, I really do hope he has food. The gun's barrel moves, but the butt of it hits my head, sending any thoughts I had whirling, trying to find order back inside my brain.

"I wouldn't talk like that." An arm grabs mine, and I'm being yanked off the floor in an instant. For a moment, I think I'm going to die from exhaustion, but then he lets me back on my feet, and I have to stand myself.

With two guards in front, and two behind me, I'm lead to a place that only exists in my imagination. They said Snow wanted to speak with me, and that can only mean two things: either something really good, or I'm just headed for my death on my own feet. Not that I could afford to fight now. Then I lose all chances of getting the good end of the deal.



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