My Mockingjay (Hunger Games) *The Writing Games*

"What is going on!" I scream at the top of my lungs. If Snow did anything to Katniss I swear he will pay.
"Your little montage has played out long enough, Mr. Mellark. Your significant other has seemed to set fire to our arena, and our society." He smirks, showing off a set of blood red teeth. I yank on my chains once again.
"What do you mean?" I grunt at the force of the restraints holding my body to the cold metal chair beneath me.
"Ms. Everdeen has started a war, and is somewhere in another District. As for yours, well, she couldn't be there," He laughs, and I know what he means. The uprising has started, Katniss escaped the arena, and I am in the Capitol at the mercy of President Snow.


4. Conversations

"Johanna!" I try screaming through the concrete wall again, but it's no use. The same sobs as the last four hours come through the cracks. They let me off my chains, but I can't see how I could be any more stuck.

I'm beginning to believe that what happened earlier was fake, that Katniss never did those things. I, of course, don't know which to think. Snow is so persuasive, but it doesn't seem right to automatically leave everything I love behind because of him and some stupid scene of her trying to kill me. I want so badly to know for sure that she would never betray me like that, but the sickening truth is, I'm not sure. I used to think that she was the only reason I was alive, but now it's like she's the reason I was dying.

"Peeta?" Some escape from myself finally comes, in the form of a voice. I almost assume that it's Katniss, here to rescue me like she always did, but I force myself to realize it's Johanna.

"Johanna. It's me." I whisper back, scooting closer to the wall. The cold floor stings my body, but when I think of the list of things I'd be willing to go through just for a little human contact, pretty much everything on it, including warmth.

"What's going on." She swallows hard, calming herself down. I guess I should do the same, or at least wipe the tears of pain from my face, but I don't.

"I don't know. Snow said it's the revolution."

"And where's your second half?" She asks sarcastically, slowly transforming back to her old self. The Johanna from the arena, the unbreakable, stubborn, spitfire girl who didn't show emotion. I smile, for just a second, remembering her all over again. But then I remember the fire, Katniss screaming for me, the way she told me she never cared, and hot tears remake the old stream marks down my face.

"She escaped, they said they don't know where." I choke, and I hear Johanna's sigh of regret.

"I'm sorry." It's the first time I've heard her say something even remotely serious and heartfelt, but it's like I've heard it for the thousandth time.

"Me too." That's where our conversation ends, no more words at least. We just cry until we fall asleep, each leaning against either side of the wall.

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