Old Valentine.

Sometimes the person you love the most, hurts you the most.


9. 9.

Allan's POV. 

I walk into the house and drop face down on the couch groaning into it. "Well I can see that it was a day well spent." Serena says walking in and I scoff. "Sure was." I mumble into the pillow and she plops down on my legs making me groan. "So how was it?" She questions and I sit down, pushing her off me in the process. "Well I brought up a question and I got a really passionate reply over it." I reply shrugging my shoulders and she looks at me, telling me to go on. "I asked her would she leave Daniel for me, she said that she would of said yes before we left, but right now she doesn't trust me with her life and she is afraid that if she walks out of that house with a baby in her hands I am going to dump her on her own, in a matter of a very short time." I explain and she opens her mouth. "That doesn't sound like Diana at all." She replies and I nod my head. "Well I brought it up on myself. Also she said I would be a really good daddy, cause of how I was acting with Kristen today, but I had to leave really fast because her husband came back home, we were lucky he didn't use his own keys, and he knocked instead. Anyways I drove around town and then came back here." I finish off and she smiles at me. 

"Well good point is she already thinks you'd be a great daddy so its a plus towards you, just give her a bit of time she does need to built her trust all over again for us, you know. "She says and I nod my head. "She looked very different today though." I suddenly blurt out and she raises her eyebrow. "How?" She questions and I shake my head. "She just had too much foundation on and she looked caked up in make up, maybe I am just not used to seeing her with a lot of make up on." I explain and she suddenly stiffens. "Oh my god." she mumbles under her breath and I look at her weirdly. She suddenly stands up really fast. "He hits her Allan. Daniel hits her." She says in a rush and I stand up immediately towering over her. "What?" 

"She told me yesterday. She said he hits her. Like not every day but once in a while he would hurt her. " She explains and stares me in the eyes. "Oh my god." I whisper, quickly taking my phone out of my pocket dialing her number, but immediately being sent to voice mail. "She won't reply." I mutter and she starts biting her lip. 

That must be the first time I see Serena this worried, and its scary. "What if he is hitting her right now?" I ask her and she shakes her head. 

"I am going over to hers." I state but Serena grabs my wrist. "No. If he sees a man there it would only make the matters worse, I think I should go, I can just tell him I am her friend which is true. So I think it'd be safer for all of us if I go. " 

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