Old Valentine.

Sometimes the person you love the most, hurts you the most.


8. 8.

Diana's POV. 

I freeze after I hear what Allan says and look him in the eyes, before smiling sadly. "Life is unfair sometimes." I say and he nods his head before twisting a small strand of hair Kristen has. I smile and look down at my hands. "If I told you that I would be the father to her, would you leave your husband?" He suddenly asks and I look at him, shocked. "If you asked me this question, three years ago I would say yes blindly, without thinking about it, I'd be out that door in a matter of ten seconds. But right now I am not certain I can trust you with something important Allan. You left me when it got hard, you left me without telling me why, without actually thinking what I would be like when I will find out. I can't be sure that if I walk out that door, tonight with my baby in my hands, I won't end up being alone in a matter of a month. " 

"You know I wouldn't leave you alone with a baby in your hands." He mumbles and I scoff loudly. "I thought you wouldn't leave me too. Well guess what? You did. Get over it, I wouldn't leave my husband for you, not right now anyways. " I say and stand up going to the sink. "But he doesn't make you happy." He states standing up carefully, bouncing Kristen in his arms sending her into a fit of giggles. "He doesn't have to make me happy, to make me stay." I reply, looking at the wall. He is about to protest again when I turn his way, and make my way over to him. "I love you, yes I do. I admitted to that the first day you came over here. I was so certain I got over you, and then you decided to fucking show up in my life again and I realised that I never got over you in the first place. But you know what? No matter how much I love you, I will not let my feelings control my decisions anymore." I point my finger at his chest and he looks down at me speechless. 

He opens his mouth to reply to me, but the knock on the door interrupts him again, and he groans throwing his head back a bit. I go to the living room and look out the window to see who it is, before gulping loudly seeing Daniel's car in the driveway. Why is he home? Isn't he working full day today? 

"Allan, you need to get out of here now." I state and grab Kristen from him, before dragging him towards the back door by his hand. "Daniel is home, if he sees you here he is gonna break our necks. If you get through this door, you can leave through the door in the garden, you'll have to walk around the house to get to your car though." I explain in a rush, hearing a few more knocks. He nods his head, before leaving through the door after giving me and Kristen a peck on the forehead. I rush to open the front door to let Daniel in. "Where the hell were you?" He groans, irritated and I shake my head. "I was changing Kristen upstairs, couldn't leave her alone could I?" I reply and he nods his head walking in the house, giving me a kiss on the lips and taking the baby from my arms. "Whose car is it in our driveway?" He asks and I shrug my shoulders. "Probably someone visiting someone around here, just put the car in our driveway you know how hard it is to find a free space in this area." I lie and he nods his head while tickling Kristen's tummy. "I am home all day tomorrow, spending the time with my girls." He says smiling and I smile a genuine smile seeing an actual smile coming from him. 

Maybe spending some time with my actual family would be great. 


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