Old Valentine.

Sometimes the person you love the most, hurts you the most.


7. 7.

Allan's POV. 

I walk downstairs grinning, immediately catching Serena's attention. "Why so happy?" She questions chuckling and I shrug my shoulders still grinning like an idiot. She chuckles again flipping a pancake over. "I have to tell you something." She mumbles and I barely hear her. I nod my head raising my eyebrows. "Its about Diana." She continues and I nod my head telling her to continue. She looks me in the eyes before smiling sadly. "Its nothing really, just the fact that she told me how she took our disappearance, I just feel bad, nothing much." She replies, shaking her head and turning away. "Are you sure?" I ask her, unconvinced and she nods her head. 

After me and Serena eat breakfast without any sign of Dylan, I rush upstairs to get ready to go to Diana's house and hang our with her. I spike up my hair until its in a perfect quiff, and put on simple blue jeans along with a long sleeved dark red v-neck. I try dialing Diana's number but she won't reply.

"I am going over to her house." I tell Serena when putting on my runners. After her sure, I leave the house and drive over to their house. I notice that there's no car in the driveway and smile slightly. I walk up to the door and knock on the door, suddenly having flashbacks from the first time I knocked on this door and realised how different her life turned out. She opens the door fast, and drags me inside the house really fast, before I could even manage to open my mouth. "What the?" I ask confused and she looks up at me. "My neighbours see everyone who walks up to this door, I don't want Daniel to find out that some man was here." She explains and I hum, nodding my head.

We hear a cry from the living room, signaling that Kristen is either awake, hungry or needs to be changed. When we enter the living room I smile when I see the baby girl. Her similarity with Diana is so unreal, you'd think that there was only one person involved when making her. There's absolutely no difference between them, but their age. "Do you wanna help me with her?" She asks and I nod my head without giving it a second thought, I never looked after the baby before in my life. I somehow manage to help her with changing her into clean clothes, not really doing much ,and when she tells me she will handle it herself now, I lean back on the wall and take a look at Diana. She has her long light brown hair down today, her make up however looks much heavier than it usually would be. Maybe she didn't get enough sleep tonight. 

She stands up with Kristen in her arms, and smiles at me. "Do you want something?" She says and I shrug my shoulders. "Tea would be nice I guess. " I reply and she nods her head. 

So here I am five minutes later sitting on a kitchen chair with Kristen in my arms, sucking on her thumb. "Relax, you won't break her." Diana exclaims and I laugh. "I never even knew they can sit at this age." I say and she giggles. "Yeah she needs support though. " She starts making me tea and I take a look at her body biting my lip. How unfair that someone else has her. Kristen suddenly giggles finding me biting my lip entertaining and I do it a few more times and she starts poking it with her little finger. I chuckle and she grins back at me. 

"You'd be a really good father." Diana states, putting the tea in front of me and sitting on the chair next to me. 

"Thanks." I say and she nods her head. "Too bad the girl I want kids with, already has a family. "

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