Old Valentine.

Sometimes the person you love the most, hurts you the most.


6. 6.

Diana's P.O.V 

"Do you need any help?" Serena asks seeing me struggle with changing Kristen as she is wiggling around a lot. "That'd be great." I reply and she chuckles, and we manage to change her in a matter of 5 minutes together. "I feel like we haven't known each other at all." Serena suddenly says, picking Kristen up and bouncing her in her arms and I shrug. "People change, I had 3 years to do it. " I reply packing the baby bag and Serena looks me right in the eyes, before suddenly cracking a small smile. 

"Why won't you leave your husband?" She questions and I shrug my shoulders. "I have nowhere to go, my mom's house is too small to fit me and the baby, I don't work ever since I've given birth because I am looking after the baby, I don't know how to do anything seriously. I'd be homeless if I leave Daniel. He'd probably manage to take Kristen away from me in the end too. " I explain and she hums. "He sounds terrible, honestly." She mumbles and I shake my head. "No he is not that bad, really. He just really doesn't like letting go of what's his? He is a good father and husband sometimes his anger gets the best of him though." I try defending him, blaming myself for doing so straight away. He hits you Diana, and he won't stop any time soon either. 

We hear a knock on the door and Allan's head pops in a second later. "Your phone has been ringing non stop." He states and I wince, knowing who it is and how mad he is going to be. "We should really head home."I say making sure I have everything packed. "I'll drive you." Allan says going downstairs, before I can even manage to say no. 

_ _ _ _ _ 

"Thanks." I say to Allan and he nods his head, with his eyes furrowed. "I still don't know why I had to park on the corner away from your house. "He states and I smile slightly, rubbing Kristen's back a bit to make sure she stays asleep. "I don't want him finding out." I tell him and get out of the car quickly. When I walk by his side of the car ready to head home he suddenly opens his door. I turn back and giggle when I see him looking at me with hopeful eyes. "You can call me tomorrow. Daniel is working all day, so we might have a chance to hang out." I tell him and he grins widely. 

I rush home, quickly to get there as soon as possible and as soon as I close the door I can just feel how pissed my husband is. "I'll go put her to bed." I mumble and he nods his head. I rush upstairs leaving the bag beside the little cupboard with Kristen's clothes, and put her to her crib tucking her in under the duvet. 

I go downstairs quietly, and as soon as my feet hit the floor, I get a hard smack to my right cheek making me gasp loudly. "Who the hell were you with?" Daniel roars and I flinch away from him. "We went out with my friend." I mumble and get a smack to my face again as a response. "Lies. You got picked up by someone on a car. I am assuming it was not your mother. From what I know you haven't kept contact with anyone else but her." He says and I look at him. "It was my old school friend. She came back to town yesterday, and found out that I have a daughter and family now, she wanted to see me, so we went out together today." I lied and he looks me right in the eyes. 

"If I'll find out you're lying." He threatens, and I just nod my head. 


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