Old Valentine.

Sometimes the person you love the most, hurts you the most.


5. 5.

- - - - - - - - - - - 
Allan's P.o.V. 
- - - 

"Allan you're back?" Serena asks from the kitchen and I smile at the delicious smell from something she is cooking. "Make yourself at home." I announce, and wave my hands around. Diana smiles and passes Kristen for me to hold her, while she takes off her jacket and boots. I coo at the baby in my arms lightly, while she looks at me with her huge innocent eyes. I wink at her, and Kristen starts giggling lightly. I grin at Diana cheekily and she raises her eyebrows. "What did you do?" "You two girls go mad when I wink at you." I state and Diana scoffs. 

"Allan what the fuck is taking you- " Serena's voice trails off when she sees who is standing beside me in the hall. She squeals happily and runs over to Diana to hug her. I look at them two with wide eyes. That's probably the girliest thing Serena ever did in her life. They pull away and smile at each other. Diana turns my way and takes the child from my hands, bouncing her happily in her arms. Serena stares at the baby grinning and then at me I raise my eyebrows but ignore her weird gesture and try to focus attention on Diana. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Diana's P.o.V. 
- - -
A good hour after we arrived Serena dragged me into a guest room, for me to talk about my life and well for us to chat and of course for her to ask question, she was always the one who loved knowing as much as she could. 

"So." She begins dragging out the 'o' sound. "Just ask." I reply and lean more onto the bad. "I heard you're happily married." She states and I chuckle dryly under my breath. "If you can say that." I reply plainly and she looks at me weirdly before something shines in her eyes, probably an understanding. "Did he ever hit you?" She asks sternly and I concentrate my attention on my fingers. "I think we should go downstairs to check up on Kristen." I mumble and she groans. "Allan will look after her, he is good with kids, and Dylan will help him I'm sure." She says and I smile a bit. "Yes." 

"Yes what?" She asks. And I look her right in the eyes. "The answer to your question is, yes. It happened here and there. Its doesn't happen on regular basis." I explain and she nods her head slowly before suddenly and randomly tying her hair up into a ponytail. "Did it happened before the baby was born or after?" she shots, yet another question at me. "Both. Before Kristen it was usually about, me flirting with some other man, and being un-responsible while carrying a baby in my stomach. After Kristen it usually about being an un-caring wife and mother." I reply and stand up while brushing my jeans, the old habit of mine. "We should go downstairs, I need to feed Kristen." I state, and walk out of the room knowing Serena is following behind me. 

I walk into their living room and smile at the sight in front of my eyes. Kristen is staring at Allan and Dylan in awe while they make faces at her making her giggle loudly. Allan picks her up and turns my way, bouncing her lightly while she is sucking on her thumb. "I think this little princess over here is hungry." Allan states and smiles at her, making her giggle. "Is it a family thing? Going mad over my smile? "he asks cheekily and I roll my eyes and smile at him. "Pass me her over here and where can I feed her?" I question him and he points to the door right beside chicken. "Can I go with you?" he asks and I take Kristen carefully. "I don't think its a good idea." I say and he looks at me. Serena stares at him and whispers something beside me and I look at her weirdly. "Okay if you need something, ask me." He replies and him and Serena go to the kitchen, with Dylan trailing behind them quietly. I look at Kristen and sign. "Something tells me this is not good, baby." 





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