Old Valentine.

Sometimes the person you love the most, hurts you the most.


4. 4.

Allan's P.O.V 

I smile while looking at her, through a rear view mirror. "Was it hard?" she mumbles, while tucking, the blanket, down to Kristine's neck. I raise my eyebrows. "Leaving me. Was it hard?" she questions, again while finally gazing at me. I sigh, and stop the car. "You don't even know why I left, don't base your thoughts, on nothing." I state, and she laughs, un-humorously. "Fine give me your reason to leave then."

"I needed time to think." I begin, but she cuts me off. "When I asked you for time, I didn't ran away. I stayed here, and supported you, through everything." She yells, waking Kristine up. I stay silent while she tried to calm the baby down. As soon as I hear the cries stop, I continue. "You don't know how scared I was. We were fighting all of the time, we couldn't go a day without yelling at each other, for nothing. We blamed every single thing happening in our lives, on each other, we just tried hurting yourself. And as soon as I realized that I might hurt you physically, I decided to leave. Dylan, he tagged along, and Serena she always wanted to leave this city."I explain ,and she stares at me, blinking fast, trying to hold in the tears. 

"Don't cry." I whisper, while turning around in my seat, reaching towards, her, and brushing my fingers across her cheek. She closes her eyes, as soon as my fingers, touch her skin. I smile. "It was so hard without you." She whispers, and I sigh. "I'm so sorry, baby girl." I reply, and she opens her eyes. "Sorry doesn't make it." She states, and pushes my hand away. 

I turn around once, again, and start the car, in silence. "You don't know how shocked I was." She states, after a few minutes of silence. I stay silent letting her continue. "How shocked I was, when I came to your house, and your mom opened the door, telling me you guys moved away. I thought it was a joke at first, laughed, at it, asked your mom, where you really were, but she said you really did move away. Didn't left any addresses, numbers, just nothing. Its like you weren't even a person." She finishes, and I look out the window. 

"How did you met him?" I finally ask her, when I found my voice. "Daniel? He was one of my clients. I got a job as a waitress, in a cafe, around the corner, one day, he was having lunch in the cafe with his friends. I realized he was attracted to me, quiet quick too. At first he was kinda scary, he would come every day, try talking to me, getting my number. But I got used to it. He asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes. A couple months later, he asked me to marry him." She explains, and I shake my head. 

"Its cold." She states, and I nod my head, agreeing. "I am bringing you's home." I state, and look at her reaction, but she just nods her head. I grin, and stop beside my house, couple of minutes later. I get out of the car, and open the door for Diana, since she has Kristen in her arms. She takes a deep breath in, and walks towards my house. 

I open the door, for them, and let her step in first. "Do you live here alone?" she questions, and I shake my head. "Dylan lives with me, so does Serena." 

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