Old Valentine.

Sometimes the person you love the most, hurts you the most.


3. 3.

Diana's P.O.V 

- - - 
"Darling I am home." I hear Daniel yelling, and I sigh, standing up from the couch. "Good." I reply, smiling and pecking his cheek. He puts his hands on my hips. And I stop the urge to roll my eyes. "How's the princess?" he asks, me and I look at him. "She's asleep. Been all cranky today." I reply, and he chuckles. "She takes it from her mom." He replies, pushing me away slightly, going to the kitchen. I scoff, and walk after him, not commenting on his last remark. 

"Neighbors told me there was some people visiting you today." He states, while drinking juice. I stare at him, confused. "Are you telling me, now what you're going around the houses, asking if someone was here today or not?" I question him, and he stares at me, angry. "I've my reasons." He states, and I walk over to him, slapping his cheek hard. "I had a reason to do this too." I reply, and walk upstairs. I enter our bedroom, and close the door after myself, silently, since Kristen's room is just beside ours, and if she'll wake up, it will take ages to put her back to sleep. 

"Answer me." Daniel states, entering our bedroom. I look at him. "What do you want from me?" I ask, annoyed. "Who the fuck was here?" He questions walking towards me. I back away, and turn around. "My friend." I reply, and he chuckles. "Male friend? Two of them even?" he asks and I groan annoyed. "They are brothers, they came back, and wanted to see me. That's all." I snap, and he scoffs. "I'm going out." he states, and walks out the door, slamming it shut, loudly. I rub my temples, as soon as I hear Kristen crying. 

I quickly, go to her bedroom, taking her, and bouncing her, in my arms, trying to calm her down. As soon as she stops crying, she lays her head on my shoulder, and her eyes begin to slowly close. I smile, and go back to my bedroom. I hear my phone ringing and I answer it. 

"Yes?" I whisper in to the phone. "Want to meet me?" I hear someone asks, and I raise my eyebrows. "Who's this?" I ask confused, and the person on the other end chuckles. "Its Allan. So?" he replies, and I smile. "Why would I want to meet you?" I question, him, still bouncing Kristen. "Because. I want to meet your daughter." He states, and I giggle. "She's six months old." I reply, and he laughs. "So can I come over?" he asks, me and I sigh. "You can't. Lets' meet somewhere." I reply. "I'll pick you up, then. See ya soon." He states, and I groan, closing my phone. 

Why did I just say yes? I go back to Kristen's room, grabbing her warmest, clothes, and blanket. I change her, not waking her up, and wrap her in the blanket, changing myself after.

I go downstairs, as soon as I hear knocking. I open the door, and smile at Allan. "Hold, Kristen, I'll put my boots on." I ask, putting her, in his arms. I slip on my boots quickly, smiling slightly, when I realize how cute he's looking right now, with child in his hands. I go back to them, and he passes her back to me. 

"Why didn't you want me in your house?" he asks, while opening the back door to his car for me. "Husband." I reply, and he nods his car, while starting the car. "What will he do if he finds out you are with me right now?" he questions, while looking at me, through a rear view mirror.

"He'll kill me." 





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