Old Valentine.

Sometimes the person you love the most, hurts you the most.


2. 2.

"How long has he been like this for?" I hear Serena asks and I chuckle, while looking at the fully filled glass. "Full day." Dylan replies, while grabbing her hips, and putting her on his lap. She smiles, and stares at me, before sighing loudly, annoyed. "You know its not gonna help." She states, and I roll my eyes. "You know yous, flirting in front of me is not helping either." I mumble, while putting glass to my lips. Feeling burning sensation running down my throat.

"Stop being a fucking wimp. She's not gonna come running to you, if you'll keep on drinking. You've to gain her trust! Show her you still care. God damn it, just do something. Buy her flowers at least. If you showed up at her doorsteps three years later, she wont forget you. After all she was right. If all of us didn't leave, she wouldn't be living in that house, she wouldn't be married to a man, just because she has a child with him." She yells at me, standing in front of me by now. I look at her, furious. 

"You know, I already lost her. She has a baby with him. She told me, that she'll never leave him. Because she wants her child to have a family." I reply, trying to keep my voice, as steady as possible. "You can be a father, to her baby." She states, calming down. "Are you fucking kidding me? I at least cared to see her. After three years. You however, didn't. She missed you too. " I snap, letting my anger take over my body. "I will see her. And you know what? I am not the one who was promising on my own life, you were the one who said you'll always be by her side. And you were the one who suggested leaving." She replies, sitting down, opposite me. Dylan staring at us, from the side silently. 

I sit down on the chair, putting my face in to my hands. Knowing she's right. Knowing I am the reason behind this. "I am sorry." Serena says, while rubbing my back, comforting me. I look at her, and run a hand through my hair. "Its all so messed up." I mumble, and she nods her head. "It is. Now tell me everything." She states, and I bite my lip. "Well, her house is the opposite of that she wanted to have. Her husband, I don't know about him. But Kristen, is the only reason why she's still married. That's what she said." I state, and Serena smiles. 

"Kristen? That's the name, you two wanted to give to your first child, if it was a girl." She says, and I nod my head, smiling also. "One of her dreams actually came true." I reply, and she grins. "How is she?" she questions. "Still beautiful." I answer, and she pats my head. "What are you gonna do?" she asks, and I shrug my shoulders. "I'm determined to get her back. No matter what it takes. For all I know, she needs me, right now." 

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