Leonard signed up for a usual outing with his friends to the night club, Errera, with his roommates and girlfriend when his party of five is captured by the military project "Oculus". How far will a trip to the night club take them? Created with characters and places from Halo and RvB, so credit to RT, Bungie, and Microsoft.


1. Errera ( Short Story)


"Are you ready coming? Seriously, we need to go!" Lavernius yelled from the front room.

"Yes, just give me a couple more minutes," I shoved some of the cash from my wallet into my pocket. If I was going out with David an Lavernius, chances were I'd end up drunk. I found that if I left my wallet at home and brought cash, I could get drinks until I was too drunk to know where money was, or didn't have any left. That prevents me from using cards. My bank account lives to see another day. No cards? check. No keys? check. Back door open and valuable items hidden? check. I peered into the small mirror in front of me to make sure my cobalt coloured tie was on straight, and sauntered out to the front room, where David and Lavernius stood impatiently shifting from foot to foot.

We were all dressed in the same attire that consisted of black pants and shirt with our colour of tie. Lavernius's aqua tie matched is teal eyes, and contrasted nicely with his dark skin and hair. David's tie was gray with streaks of yellow running diagonally across, suiting his stormy gray eyes, blonde hair, and fair skin.

"Finally. You take forever," Lavernius sighed.

"Maybe you should be more patient," I scoffed.

"Maybe we can all get going," David rolled his eyes.

"What were you doing?" Lavernius interrogated.

"I was hiding stuff," I answered.

"What kind of stuff?"

"Wallet, keys, etc.,"

"Are you ready then?" he said.

"Of course I'm ready. If I wasn't, then why would I be out here?" I retorted.

"Why aren't we leaving?" David yelled.

"He asked-" I didn't get to finish.

"Shut up. That was rhetorical," he cut me off.

"Then let's go, and try to have fun while we're at it." I opened the door, and we headed down the street.

"So where is this place, anyway?" I turned to David as we walked down the dark street. It was only twenty hours, but the already stormy sky was turning to dusk. The dim yellow street lamps flickered, causing strange shadows to dance in the foggy, humid air. It seemed like every house we passed in the four blocks we'd walked was dark, as if the residents knew something was coming.

"It's up here. Somewhere." David gestured up the small hill the three of us stood at the base of.

Mist like rain started to trickle down on us. It wasn't cold, harsh rain, but the kind that came with a warm breeze that cools you off a bit. That rain you can really enjoy, but that won't soak you. New Alexandria had that effect. The sky flicked a kind of purpley-maroon colour, and lit up lightning that looked like little rivers of electricity running around the black sky. And with that, the rain stopped.

"Aw, how much further?" Lavernius whined.

"Really, look. It's just right there," David gestured up the hill.

"Really, it's just right there," Lavernius mocked, "I don't see it."

"Patients, grasshopper," I bowed toward Lavernius, who rammed into me, knocking me off the sidewalk.

"How do you know about this place, anyway?" I caught myself on a car bumper, and ungracefully joined my roommates on the sidewalk.

"James, who else? Speaking of, are we meeting anyone there?" he watched Lavernius trip on an uneven block.

"Dexter and maybe Allison," I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I'd texted her earlier, but she hadn't responded yet.

'are u going 2 meet us there?' glowed in green across the screen in my hand. Suddenly, it buzzed to life, and a white speech bubble appeared in the space across from the green bubble.

'ok.' it glowed. It made me smile a bit. I and Allison didn't always get along, so I'm glad she decided to show up.

'thnx. we'll be there in a few.<3 u.' I texted back.

'whatever.' she sent back.

"What?" Lavernius was staring at my hand. "Wait. Who's Allison? I mean, I've heard you talk about her before, but I don't really know who she is."

"She's my girlfriend," I could hardly keep myself from laughing. It was pretty obvious we were together, right?

"And x-girlfriend. And xx-girlfriend. And xxx-girlfriend," David's comment made me stop.

"It's complicated," I looked up into the luminous gray sky.

Club Errera is beautiful at night. When you first see it, it makes you warmer. It's radiant. The neon symbol - a circle with a lightning bolt slashing through it, with "Errera" written up the side of the bolt - makes you lighten up, and put you in a better mood. It catches your attention, and makes you want to go in. It welcomes you in front the quiet street. It was cold. I was shivering, but didn't really notice. I was busy taking in the building in front of me.

"Sorry I'm late!" Dexter ran up to us from behind. He was wearing the same attire as the rest of us, except the tie, of course. His was orange, which brought out the flecks of amber in his cool hazel eyes, which were currently hidden behind his auburn hair and blonde fringe. Unmistakably Hawaiian.

"Where were you?" I asked as he caught up to us.

"Wait, wait, wait. I want to try and guess," Lavernius announced before Dexter could reply.

"Okay, shoot," Dexter said.

"Um... You had to beat up some nerd for hitting on your sister," he nearly shouted.

"No, but close," Dexter drew in a deep breath.

"Ah, you had to have a little chat with your roommate for boning your sister without your permission," Lavernius guessed.

"I knew I couldn't trust that cheap ass."

"Well, blame your mom for that one. Your sister is freaking hot," Lavernius pointed out. It was true. His sister was good looking.

"Our mom ran off to the circus," Dexter added.

"What?" David had been quiet up until then, and I wasn't completely sure if he was listening.

"Nothing," Dexter chuckled to himself, and then, we entered.

We all stood there in awe. The whole room lit up with colourful lights, joyfully flaring on and off over the dance floor. The room was warm, and smelled kind of like caramel. In the back, there was a restaurant. I'm not sure what it was called, but it looked interesting. Allison was already there waiting at a table.

"Ugh, men," she murmured seemingly to herself. Her pale skin shown, her fiery hair falling down her back like a red waterfall, her leafy green eyes almost an unnatural shade. She wore a black, knee length dress, contouring her figure perfectly. The thing that ruined the picture was her psychopathic attitude. Don't mess with her, or you'll end up on your knees.

"How are you, beautiful?" I sat next to her, and she glared at me, that special, evil glare that she doesn't try to kill anyone else with.

"Oh, not so friendly," Dexter sat down on her other side, and that she didn't take kindly to, "Oh, god don't hurt me," he started to scoot his chair away.

"Maybe you shouldn't comment," David suggested.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," Dexter scowled. The table rattled. An EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse - went off, leaving us in silence. The music was gone. Another tremor. Everything was holding still, like the whole building was holding it's breath. No one said anything. Then, there was the explosion.

I don't remember exactly what happened, but one moment I was in my chair, and the next I was on the ground next to Allison and David. Outside was so dark, it seemed like the darkness was crawling inside and curling up inside us. The shock wave was enormous. The windows shattered inward, and we were soon coated with shards of broken glass. I pulled Allison closer, and I scooted closer to David, Dexter, and Lavernius.

"It's okay," I whispered into her ear. She was shaking, "everything's going to be okay,"

"What if it's them?" she whispered back.

"I don't think it's them, it can't be Project Oculus," I breathed into her ear, 'It can't be them,' I thought to myself. Oculus soldiers jumped into the building through the blown out windows seconds after I finished my thought.

"What are they doing in New Alexandria?" David whispered.

"I don't know," I motioned for Allison to stay next to David, who shook his head slowly. I navigated my way through the disoriented tables and chairs on the dance floor to get a better view.

There were four of them. Four maroon armoured figures stood there talking to each other, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I started to reverse, but then my knee cracked a piece of glass. Shit. The soldiers stopped talking and raised their guns. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and didn't move, hoping they wouldn't see me. The one that appeared to be the leader motioned to the other three to search the room.

They maneuvered silently around the room. The one coming toward me smelled like oil and burning rubber, but I could see he was clean. I pulled back a split second to late. He saw me, and ran toward me.

"Run!" I shouted as fast as I could. I stood up, and dashed for the broken wall, closely followed by my friends. The escape we pursued wasn't thought through very well. I remember thinking ' Hey, what happened to the le-' and then ran into the Spartan's arms.

"Allison!" I struggled to loosen the grasp of the Oculus soldier's arms. The other's were caught by other Oculus soldier's arms. Allison backed up and stood in the center of the room. I shook my head and tried to tell her to stay, but then she bolted for the door.

"There! Get her!" My captor barked to the one restraining Lavernius.

"Hey baby, did you fall from heaven? 'Cause I always wanted to bone an angel! Bow chika bow wow!" Lavernius smiled at her, and she kicked him back, causing him to reel back in pain.

"She's my girlfriend!" I didn't hesitate to yell across the room.

"Let's move!" The leader shifted his grasp to my wrist, which hurt. He held my wrist so tight I couldn't move my hand. We were forced through the broken glass to the drop ship that occupied the street.

We were locked into seats on one side of the ship. They weren't very comfortable, probably because they were extremely tight.

"I had to use it at some point. It's my best pick-up line, and if I'm going to die tonight when am I going to use it?" Lavernius fidgeted.

"Couldn't you have used it on someone other than my girlfriend?" I hissed.

"She was the hottest one there,"

"She's my girlfriend!"


"She's still my girlfriend!" I emphasized my.

"And as I've heard, several of your x's,"

"Hey! Shut up, I told you, it's complicated,"

"Quiet over there," the leader yelled from the other side of the ship.

"Where are we going? Who are you?" Dexter cleared his throat.

"I'm Brandon. That's all you need to know. We're bringing you to our ship," he replied, and Dexter snorted, "What's so funny?"


"Well, we're almost here, so get ready to move," Brandon got up to co-pilot the landing. I did my best to twist around to see out the window into the depths of space. I saw a huge frigate, looming at our side. It was gun-metal green, and had turrets on the side. "The Angel's Dynasty" was painted in white on the side. Battle scars streaked stripped away bits of the exterior, making it look old and weathered.

We were forced off the ship and brought to a sort of quarters. It wasn't a cell, but it was definitely heavily guarded. I was a little nervous as to what they might do to us, considering they blew up half of a city and took five civilians from a night club.

"Why did you take five random civilians from a night club? Why not a military base or something like that?" I asked Brandon, who's hot breath was pulsing rhythmically on my neck. He'd taken off his steel and maroon helmet, revealing his scarred face with deep brown eyes and cropped hair.

"We weren't looking for military. We were looking for you," he pushed me faster. Why us? I wanted to stop, but I couldn't.

"Why us?" he continued to shove me forward.

"You five are special,"

"Why?" this time he didn't answer. I didn't feel special. I'd never been special. How did Project Oculus even know about any of us? I mean, the five of us were the best seniors at Valhalla Military Academy, getting ready to join the war against the aliens. So sure, we had advanced training, but how did that make us special?

"We need soldiers. We're under attack from one of the other projects. You were the best we could find," he brought me around a coroner, "You, stay here. Try on one of those suits," he pointed inside a room with various suits of Mark VI Spartan armour.

"I don't think I'll fit in any of them. I'll tell you that right now," these guys were in desperate need of rethinking this wonderful plan that they had. I cautiously walked into the room, hearing the door slam behind me.

I think I was standing in front of the worst color selection ever. I didn't exactly like any of the colors, but I selected the sapphire blue one anyway. I pulled on the tight under armour, and pulled on the suit. It was a bit big still, but it would work. I looked down at the helmet, the gold visor looking back at me. I broke concentration when the others slowly trickled in, Brandon not far behind them.

"Good," Brandon sighed with relief.

"Nice," Dexter looked up at the assorted suits.

"You have to put one on, too," I walked up to him.

"Thanks for the observation, Sherlock," Allison rolled her eyes at that, starting to put on a black suit. We all picked the color closest to what we were wearing.

"You boys know how to shoot a gun?" Brandon sounded like he was starting to doubt us.

"I do," Allison raised a hand.

"Nobody asked you, you're a girl," I laughed, trying to put a little humor to the situation.

"Well, in that case, you shouldn't really count either, smart-ass," she hissed.

"Oh, please, I was being sarcastic," I watched her eyes, the flames starting to burn.

"You don't have to be a dick!"

"Why shouldn't I? You don't understand sarcasm!"



"And that's why they're x's and o's," Lavernius broke the short silence.

"X's and o's?" David questioned.

"X's because they break up. A lot. O's because they forgive each other and hook back up, which they probably shouldn't do, 'cause we all know how that's going to end," Lavernius explained. I lunged at him, but was caught by Dexter before I could do any damage.

"Touchy," Dexter grinned.

"Do you think these suits enhance our strength?" Dexter watched me struggle for a second, then he let me go.

"I don't know, but probably because I don't know how well you could actually hold him. Leonard's pretty strong, and I speak from experience," David guessed.

"Here," I didn't notice that Brandon had left. He proceeded to pass out gray tracksuits.

"What? You want us to wear these?" I growled.

"Watch out, he's still kind of tender. Bow chika bow wow!" Lavernius jeered, and I knocked him to the ground without hesitation or question from anyone else.

We all had to share a room, and that bothered me. Who has an entire aircraft carrier that has hundreds of thousands of rooms that can support at least a thousand people, and then put five people in one room with two beds? There are five of us, and they only gave us two cots, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy to decide who got to sleep in a cot and with who. I ended up with David. I would have gone with Allison, but I was scared of what she might do to me in my sleep. It felt weird. I still kept a watchful eye on her though, on account she was sleeping with Lavernius, who tried to hit on her earlier. Dexter slept on the floor, which made me feel kind of bad, but my neck hurt and I wanted to be comfortable more than I wanted Dexter to be comfortable.

I woke with a jolt, flip off the cot onto the floor with David landing on top of me, and flashing sirens. According to the clock on the wall, it was four thirty.

"Sorry," David groaned as he heaved himself off of me.

"What the hell?" Dexter yawned overtop of the sirens.

"Get up and moving crew, we are taking enemy fire! I repeat, we are taking enemy fire!" a voice screeched over the intercom.

"Of course, what else?" I muttered to myself.

My gut did a flip as the ship lurched. I was on my feet with the others in nothing flat. There was a boom, and I'm almost certain that's what took "The Angel's Dynasty" out of the sky. We plummeted towards the planet beneath us, and my heart skipped a beat. I could feel us falling, and I stumbled into Allison, grabbed her, and stumbled back into the wall, which knocked me unconscious. The world was silent, and everything just faded into one, big colour.

I was on the soft ground of an undisclosed forest floor when my vision faded back. Sitting was painful, but it didn't feel like anything was broken. The metallic taste of blood filled my mouth from my cut bottom lip. The tree's canopy seemed undamaged from my vantage point, but behind me was shrouded in the carnage from the crash. I lay back down on my side with my hips twisted horizontally.

"Hello?" I tried to stand and nearly toppled over. My voice rang through empty silence. What if no one else survived? That would be great. Except David. And Allison. Maybe. I trust them, but I could live without those other two annoying bastards. Lavernius was my roommate, and I liked him, but he had been gradually getting more and more annoying over the previous years, and I just never really liked Dexter to begin with. He was okay though.

I shifted my weight to a low hanging tree branch in the brambles I was laying in, and stumbled to my feet. I gasped for breath like I hadn't been able to breath before, which was partially true. I limped toward the sage coloured ship, or at least the part of it I could see. I wandered through looking for two necessities - the supplies closet and the armoury. I found my way through to the storage rooms. Food. Water. Shelter. Protection. Life. I was okay. Now to find the others.

I found some wires and tried to remember what James taught me about lock picking. I bent the wires into tools and bent down to work on the locked armoury. I froze when I heard fast moving steps coming down the hallway. I felt a hand tap my shoulder. I didn't turn around. I just balled my fist and threw all my weight into the punch I delivered. I heard a rather satisfying smack, groan, thump, and saw Dexter on the ground winded and in tears.

"Sorry," I winced, realizing how much pain I had inflicted.

"That's a way to put it," Dexter moaned.

"Hey, you can't be too careful," I pulled him to his feet.

"Yeah, whatever. You can throw a punch," he put a hand on his shoulder, presumably where I'd hit him.

"Are you okay?" I stared at the scratch running across his sweaty forehead.

"Yeah," he lurched forward," I can't walk on my own," he gasped for air.

"Here," I wrapped my arm around his shoulder, and we made our way outside.

The light was almost blinding. There, we discovered that the ship had been blown in half. Random bits of metal scraps and iron cables were strewn about the clearing.

"Let's make a shelter. Then I can go get food and water from the ship and find David , Lavernius, and Allison." I suggested.

"How are you going to do that?" he sat down.

"You need to help, too. If you can support your own weight, then you're okay. We'll find a tarp, or a tent, or something. I don't think we should stay in the ship. It doesn't look stable. When everyone's good, we'll hit the armoury and leave,"

"Sounds good, but where would we go? It's not like we know where we are," he looked at me.

"We can use the GPS on the ship,"

"How do we know if it still works?" he argued.

"We don't, but if it is broken, we can use the ones one the armour,"

"What if-"

"No. I'm going to go find other people," and with that, I ran in the direction of the ship with something like "You Dick!" being called out from behind me.

My first order of business aboard the ship was returning to Dexter with supplies while keeping an eye out for any of the others. I backtracked my way through the wrecked ship. The walls that once glowed with light and energy now flickered and were bent inward making it seem haunted. I got to the door marked 'Supply Closet' with images of assorted supplies around it. A green plate, a blue water bottle, and a khaki tent. The large door was slightly ajar, so it didn't take much effort to kick open. I grabbed what I could, and when I turned to leave, I dropped it all again. David was there, but he looked like a ghost.

He looked abnormally pale, and he had a large gash on his leg, which you could see through his torn up tracksuit pants. His blonde hair was plastered to his forehead, also with several cuts oozing blood. His eyes carried dark circles, making him look more or less a zombie.

"D-David?" I stuttered, astonished at his appearance.

"Uhnng-" he wheezed before flopping forward, unconscious. He looked like he had lost a lot of blood, so I looked frantically for anything that might help. First Aid, right by the door. I unwound gauze around his leg, so it would help slow the bleeding.

"Hey! Where'd you go? David!" I heard Lavernius yell from around the corner.

"Over here!" I yelled back, hoping he would help carry... something.

"What happened to him? What happened to you?" he scrutinized me like I was one of the aliens. I touched my nose gently. It was definitely broken. My own tracksuit was badly torn, and when I ran my hand through my hair, it stung. I grimaced, withdrawing my bloody hand and a few black hairs with it. He didn't look so good either, complete with cut lip, blood smeared face, and torn clothes.

"I think he had it the worst," he said, and I looked down at David, sprawled across the threshold between us.

"Have you seen Allison?" I looked back up.

"No. What about Dexter?" he started shaking David.

"He's outside, and I'm not sure if that will work," I watched him shaking David violently.

"Well, then what will? CPR?" he stood up again.

"Usually you don't give people CPR for blood loss. Try this," I passed him a water bottle.

"Good thinking. I always wanted to dump water on him," Lavernius said as he started unscrewing the cap. I turned David's head, and Lavernius emptied the bottle onto David's face.

"Whaa?" he spluttered, starting to wipe his face off.

"Keep it together just a bit longer, okay? Then when we get outside, you can sleep," Lavernius helped David to his feet. The ship lurched with an ear splitting howl. We all stopped moving. Then the ship fell silent.

"Run!" David yelled.

"Ohgodohgodohgodooooh,god!" I screeched, not like it would help.

"Sick, injured, women, and children last!" Lavernius screamed, running behind me. We all burst into the bright light, causing me to trip and dive head first into the dirt, Lavernius falling beside me, and David limping out panting. I looked up to find that Allison had found her way to Dexter and was helping him to my surprise. She wasn't really the helping type, but it was okay with me as long as she was doing work I didn’t have to do later.

"What are you so afraid of? I thought you were in high school!" she laughed, putting a hand on her hip as she turned to us.

"Uh... ih... huh... hulapsy,"Lavernius slurred.

"What?" she stared back in confusion.

"The ship was collapsing," David translated.

"But we still got some stuff," I gestured to the assorted things trailing behind us.

"Thanks, I'm very impressed. Ooh! I have a great idea! Set up the tent. I found a tarp we can use as well. Make yourselves useful," she shouted sarcastically.

"You're very welcome, Mrs. McCrabby!" Lavernius retorted, shortly being chased around the clearing. "I was kidding! I was kidding!" he yelled over his shoulder, dodging scraps of metal and iron cables.

We finished the day with setting up the tent, tarp, and figuring out how to correctly rehydrate dehydrated army rations, which might I add were no good for taste.

I woke up to the sound of chirping birds and bright light. David was the only other person awake, as he was the only one missing from the disheveled pile of bodies and blankets huddled in the center of the tent. I stumbled out to find him doing some kind of martial art in the clearing. He wasn't wearing a jacket, surprisingly, because it was so cold out. The sky was pink with hints of purple, two moons still hanging above us in the morning sky. A soft breeze fluttered past, causing the trees surrounding us to whisper condolences to their fallen comrades. It was a nice breeze, not a harsh, cold one, but the one that tells you that Spring is coming.

"Aren't you cold? Or tired?" I didn't bother yelling. I knew he could hear me.

"Um, no. Not really," he was obviously startled at my sudden presence.

"You seem better. How's the leg?" I asked, noticing he was no longer pale and shaken.

"Yeah, it's okay," he replied, sitting down on a piece of metal, and I shortly joined him.

"That's good," I watched the trees rustle.

"What about you? You hit your head pretty hard," he followed my gaze.

"Yeah, I'm good," I exhaled and turned back toward him, "Do you think there's a radio on the ship?"

"Probably, since that's the most common form of galactic transmission, but it most likely got destroyed in the crash. Why?"

"We could probably take it out, boost the transmission signal and contact someone," my plan seemed so simple, but so complex.

"Smart," he drew in a deep breath.

"Yeah, well, I'm pretty great," I smiled.

"Whatever," he rolled his eyes, "you're so full of yourself,"

"It's called having an ego. You don't have one,"

"It's called modesty. You don't have any," he smiled back.

"Whatever," it my turn to roll my eyes.

We wandered through the ship together, after Allison got up. Eventually, we happened across a few busted radios. We set up an amplifier using one of the generators, which David modified, and several extension cords. We never made contact, but we did get the suits of armour, thanks to the knowledge of lock picking James had shared with David and I. Officially, we had made a bit of progress. Once, an enormous purple ship flew above us. Aliens. They were scouting the crash.

"Shouldn't someone be here? I mean, wouldn't one of Earth's ships crashing be world news?" Lavernius complained through his helmet filter as he fiddled with the lights on his rifle, "Couldn't we at least check out the other half of the ship?"

"You haven't seen the other half of the ship, have you?" Dexter stopped to let his teal clad friend catch up.

"Why? Is it bad?" he asked.

"I don't know. It landed somewhere else,"

"Oh. I see your point,"

So annoying. Repeated debates, complaining, and so on. Allison wouldn't even look at me, and when I tried to initiate conversation, all she did was punch me in the gut and left me on the ground, winded. So in conclusion to my current social situation, I stayed a few steps ahead of everyone else with David.

"Where are we going?" I checked the time on my helmet' clock. Eighteen hours, thirty seven minutes.

"I'm not really sure. I'm using my map and motion trackers to guide us to the nearest military base, since it seems like when we were coming in, the ship was moving this way, but then we were attacked and crashed, and overshot the landing," David explained.

"Our helmets have maps?" I didn't know that. That was awesome! I mean, I knew that we had access to everyone's status'. I kept checking Allison's.

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Natural Red

Date of birth: December fifteenth, thirty thousand

Mood: Pissed off

Health: Minor flesh wounds, but nothing lethal

"Yeah, well, you can access- Everybody stop!" David crouched, and the rest of us followed. Another purple ship soared over us, whirring softly as it went.

"Do you think we're close?" Lavernius whispered.

"Yes. It's right up here. Somewhere," David sighed over his shoulder.

"Wow. That seems familiar," Lavernius huffed, resuming to fiddle with his gun.

"Do you think, you know, we should camp out here?" Dexter groaned, examining his orange gauntlet.

"No. The target base is right up here, and if we-"

"I don't want to hear it," Allison growled, cutting him off.

"I think we can make it. But, if you want to stay here, feel free to," David compromised.

"I hate you. So. Much," Deter muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" David turned.

"Nothing," he said louder. Within minutes, we were at a cliff. I lay down and crawled forward to get a better view of the base through the scope of my sniper rifle. It was filled with aliens of every shape and size. Short one with tiny plasma pistols, feathery bird like ones bearing light shields, large, armoured warriors with gigantic hammers, and tall ones in gold armour. Big, white teeth shone from their four jaws in the reflections of their gleaming blue energy swords. I withdrew and crawled back.

"What did you see?" Dexter asked curiously.

"The base is empty," I lied.

"Really?" Lavernius gaped in confusion. Like getting away was actually going to be easy.

"No! Of course not! The entire place was filled with aliens!" I barked back.

"And give a round of applause to our wonderful navigator, David," Allison hissed.

"Not my fault!" he defended.

"I say we throw them off the cliff," Lavernius looked for signs of approval from Dexter and Allison.

"What did I do?" I felt like attacking him, but didn't.

"I don't like you that much anymore, so what better way to get rid of someone, then throwing them off a cliff? Really. It isn't that far down, and it's far enough away there's no way any of the aliens will notice. It's not lethal," he analyzed.

"A kick in the balls is non lethal, too," I started.

"That depends on who does the kicking," Allison finished, shifting her weight.

"Look. We'll all go down, clear out the base, and radio for help. Any questions?" David glared at us.

"Okay." we all agreed simultaneously.

Easier said then done. Fortunately, I must have looked at the base when all the aliens were outside, because the number of aliens seemed smaller than what I had thought.

"Eat plasma, you giant son of a bitch!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, surging forward to shove the sticky plasma grenade into one of the swordsman's mouths, which exploded shortly after it was planted. I ran to Lavernius, helping him beat down another hairy warrior.

These were probably the ugliest things I'd ever seen, other than Dexter with a hang over at three hours. They had small, black eyes, that probably didn't work for crap, and rotten, yellow tusks that resembled that of a warthog. It's pale, gray skin was wrinkled and had sparse hair all over it's massive body. It's upturned nostrils fired hot, stinking air, right into your face. Okay, maybe a bit worse than Dexter, but not by much.

Once the base was cleared, we had another issue; none of us had any idea how to operate alien technology. After hours of experimentation, we figured out it works just like human radios, but we had to mess with the wiring to get it to pick up human transmissions. We stayed there, and in the morning, we sent a distress signal. It was picked up by "The Mother of Invention", who would send us an evac to the given coordinates as soon as possible. We were finally leaving.

"Allison?" I walked over to her and sat down on the hovering stool next to her, and received the evil demon glare, "I know we've had some good times together. I mean, don't get me wrong. We've had some okay times, and some really bad times, too. Like that one time I did that thing, and you got really mad at me, and then you said you were over it, but you kept bringing it up every time we'd get into an argument. I still don't think you're over it, but anyway, you aren't too annoying and you don't touch my stuff too much, so let's get married,"

"Worst marriage proposal ever. Of all time," David peeked in at us.

"Don't do it!" Lavernius shouted from a different room. Her usually harsh gaze turned into the beautiful, green eyes I hadn't seen for so long, and she kissed me.

"Make them stop!" Dexter screamed, but that didn't stop us.

"Sure," she looked deep into the gray-blue with flecks of hazel eyes that met hers. We were eighteen, but who cared? I didn't. That's when my parents were married. She didn't care, either. We were going home, and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Not anyone else. She smiled this beautiful smile that I'd never seen. Valhalla. New Alexandria. Home.

The End

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