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5. chapter 5

I was walking, we'll hopped but you know what I mean back to Niall's with a bag of my things from my house, like clothes and phone and everything like that, that I would need while staying at Niall's for a bit. I walked though the door and placed the bag down and tock my shoes of and walked into the living room...Niall wasn't there? I turned around to saw a chest and looked up and screamed making me fall on my bum, great job Lexi.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry!" He said placing his hand out to me to help me up, but I stared at him a while. He was pretty, he had curly brown hair that was messy and greeny/brown eyes. He was wearing nerdy glasses and had a funny accent. I got up but not taking his offer of his hand to help me up, I walked backwards and was very scared. He could do anything. The only person I trust is Niall and my dead mother and my brother I don't even know. "Who the fuck are you!" I asked. "I could ask you the same thing" he said smirking. "Where's Niall?" I demanded. "He went to the shop he should be home any mome-" he got cut of by Niall opening the door and walking in with 2 bags. "What's going on?" He asked walking towards me "he's in your house! Get him out!" I screamed. "Lexi!" Niall said laughing his pants off. What's so funny? "He's my mate, this is ashton!" He said pointing at the boy. "Oh" I said walking behind Niall as Niall intertwined our fingers, "he's fine. Don't be scared" he said, I am scared but with Niall I feel safe, so I smiled at the boy and he smiled back making his dimples pop witch made me laugh. He was wearing blue skinny jeans and bat man logo top with neard glasses and load of bracelets on his arms? Niall Broke the silence " so how was getting your stuff Lexi?" Niall asked. "Good he wasn't there" I said back as I watched ashton have a confused face. "MICKY. I NEED MY PANTS! COME ON" I heard screaming from up stairs and I moved up towards Niall and grabbed his hand. I heard a load of footsteps running down the stairs, I looked round to see a boy with bright blue hair laughing and a tan boy with black hair naked. "MICKY GIVE ME MY PANTS OR IL--" the tan on said but stopped when he looked at me. He's going to hurt me. No. "Niall" I said close to tears walking up to him and going behind him. "Oh. I'm very sorry love, I didn't know Niall had visitors" one of then said, they had the same accent as Ashton. I looked over at Ashton and he nodded. I think there Niall's friends? I've only seen his band but I've never seen then? You would think I know who they were but Niall doesn't really talk about work or friends with me so I've never met them. "It's okay" I said quietly. I came out behind Niall and all 3 of them were staring at me. "Lexi, this is Calum and Michael, and Ashton you have already meet, and Luke is somewhere haha, boys, this is Lexi my best friend" Niall explained. Gosh there's another one. Haha I have a brother called luke, but we got separated when we were 14. I looked back at the new boys. " Umm..." I said looking at Calum he was confused until he realised he still had no pants on. "Oh shit" he said and jumping on the blue haired boy and grabbing his pants. I came out behind niall and sat back down on the sofa, I was scared but I know Niall wouldn't let anyone hurt me. He same sat next to me and placed his arm around me knowing it would make me feel safer, I looked around and Ashton was still staring at me and I blushed. "Niall?" I asked quitly "yeah babe?" He asked. "How long am I staying here?" I asked "forever!" He screamed grabbing on to me making me giggle making the boys look at us. " you guyyssss are cutttteee" Calum says making he and Niall blush.

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