Beside you🌸

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4. chapter 4

We arrive in Niall's front drive and I slowly walked out of he car to the door as Niall followed behind, Niall opened the door and let me walk in first, I walked in and collapsed on the sofa with a moan. I snuggled up on the sofa and soon feel asleep.

I slowly opened my eyes to see a blue room with photos of everyone on the walls, I spotted some of me and Niall and it hit me, how am I in Niall's room?

I slowly got up and saw I was in one of Niall's t-shirts and some leggings from yesterday...when did I change? I lifted my broken leg with a pink cast of the bed and lifted up my cruches and stood up. I hopped downstairs to see Niall watching tv, so I hopped over and sat next to him.

"Good morning lex" he said with a smile while eating coco pops, haha. "Morning Niall" I said still confused. "What's wrong?" He asked worried. "How did I get in your bed and changed?" I asked. "You really think I would let you sleep on the sofa with a broken leg and bruises? And I changed you because you didn't look comfy" he said and no I didn't mind Niall changing me because I've known him all my life, I've seen him naked for god sake! "You slept ok the sofa?" I asked as he nodded, "you should have let me sleep on sofa and you have your bed!" I said a bit annoyed that I stopped him from sleeping on his bed. "It's fine babe haha" he said while getting up with his empty bowl of coco pops. I walked up stairs to get changed, I grabbed leggings and a one direction top I had, yep I have load of out fits at Niall's because, we'll I'm always here. I put on my top okay but I couldn't get my leggings on. I tried and tried to bend down but I hurt to much witch ended up with me screaming in frustration. I heard running up the stairs and Niall burst in. "What's wrong?" He asked "I can't get my leggings on" I said blushing and laughing. He laughed and placed my leggings over my feet and pulled my leggings up and over my caste. "Thank you" I said smiling he smiled back and got some things out of his wardrobe and tock his pants of! "Niall!" I screamed as I saw his bum. Lovely. "Hahahahaha don't act like you don't love it" he said as he was doing something but I didn't really want to look at his willy tbh. "Done" he said as I opened he had changed. I got up and put my hair into a pony tail and got Niall to put my socks on. Hahahaha I'm lazy ok? I went downstairs and was going to walk out the door when Niall stopped me "where are you going?" He asked "getting some things from home" I said back "not when your dads there!" He said "he's not, he's at work. I'll be back soon!" I said before he could reply and walked, we'll hopped home.

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