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3. chapter 3

I slowly opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was a bright light so my eyes automatically closed again. As I got use to the lighting I opened my eyes again and looked around, the first thing I saw was Niall.

"Niall. Where am I?" I asked confused. "In hospital lex" he said slowly rubbing my thumb with his as he was holding my hand. "Oh" that's all I could say, I saw monitors hooked up to me and lights flashing and...4 other boys? See, having an abusive dad, you come not to trust anyone u don't know. I squeezed Niall's hand and pulled my legs up to my chest, shuffling towards Niall. "Who are they" I asked scared. "It's okay lex, there the boys I'm on about, in my band? Remember?" I slowly nodded taking in the new surroundings.

"How did this happen lex?" Niall asked looking into my eyes, I can easily get lost in his. I didn't reply, not with his "band" in the same room. "I don't want to talk about it" I said looking down at my legs. "It's okay, no rush" Niall said with a smile. A boy with curly hair stood up and the others followed "Ni, we should be getting home, bye Niall, bye love" he said, as the other boys said goodbye to Niall and left to go home.

"We should as well, come on love" Niall said to me. What. I'm not going home. "Niall I can't go home!" I nearly shouted. "Why?" He asked confused. " dad. He did this." He looked shocked. "He did this?" He asked gritting his teeth, as I nodded. "Come on love, we need to go home, it's 2am" "Niall I'm not goi-" Niall cut me off. "Your coming with me" he said kissing my cheek and helping me up.

I started to walk and instantly fell over, as Niall started to laugh. "Babe, u Broke ur leg" he said laughing that I feel over. "Great, didn't need to know that before I feel over" I said as he helped me up, passing me 2 grey crutches. As I got my balance we started walking out side into the car park and into Niall's large black car, on our way "home".

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