Beside you🌸

I'm crap at these. Read the book?


1. chapter 1~intro.

* Lexi's pov*

"Okay, you sure you don't want me to walk to home babe?" Niall asked as I out on my shoes. "Niall, I'll be fine! I'll see you tomorrow!" I said as he hugged me goodbye, after he let go I kissed his cheek and walked out of his house, walking back to hell.

How rude of me, Hello! I'm Lexi Moore. I'm 17, I have brown hair that comes just below my bra strap, I have blue/grey eyes, boring I know and I'm around 5'8-9. Oh and that was my best friend, Niall Horan. You properly already know him. Haha. He has known me since I was a new born, he was 2 years older. I don't have any friends so I love him. Our mums were best friends, until my mum died. Witch leads me on to my new topic. My dad

I don't even consider him as my dad anymore, he's a monster. We'll, he killed my mother when I was 4 years old and I still don't know why to this day. Since then he has changed, he hurts my and dose things most dads are not suppose to do, and that sickness me. But, Niall doesn't know this. And he's not going to. Okay? Okay.

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