Love at first tour<3

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  • Published: 15 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 15 Apr 2014
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I love in homes chapel and I go to the local bakers but when the cute boy harry leaves and becomes a One Direction love appears but will it last or will it fade away?


4. The boys last performance on Xfactor

I got a text from Harry saying him an th boys didn't make it through to the finals and they came 3rd so he was on his way home and told me to meet him at his dads house and I did but he came back with 4 boys called Liam Payne Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horna. But Harry said to the boys this is Sophie the girl I told you about and then they played football an Harry told me Simon Cowel he signed them a recorded label and they were going to make a album called what makes you beautiful. Then after a few weeks Harry told me the boys were going on tour after making loads of songs and then he left me again. 

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