Love at first tour<3

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  • Published: 15 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 15 Apr 2014
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I love in homes chapel and I go to the local bakers but when the cute boy harry leaves and becomes a One Direction love appears but will it last or will it fade away?


2. Leaving me and Homes Chaple

Last night I got home finally getting away from Harry who kept talking to me and my mum was out on a buisness trip and my dad was in the army so I don't see him all the time so I was home alone oh and my brother was out with his girlfriend I hate her shes a twat! And my other brother is at a mates for the weekend so peace finally but then a *Knock *knock at my door as I say on my bed about to write music and I thought fuck sake who's that! So I go t the door and I opened it and it was Harry from the bakeries I think he if following me so I say Hi Harry and I said come in as it was raining really bad. Harry said I got some bad news for you I said ok what is it he said I'm going to be leaving Homes Chapel for a while NO! I thought but then he said also I think I'm in love with this girl but I don't know how she will react to it. Who is it I say? You! OMG Harry likes me but we have known each other since we were 2 but I never really Spock to him unless in the bakeries so I said ok and he said will you go out with me? I said umm...... Ok. Where you going then? Harry said XFactor "I didn't know he could sing" you can sing I said? Yeah Harry said wow so how long you going to be away for? I don't know! Oh.

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