My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


28. When all is hopeless

Simon turned on the camera and he sat down in front of me. He held the paper in his hand and he smiled reassuring to me. 
"Okay Hope, I will ask the questions that lawyers want an answers to. I want you to answer as honestly as you can and let me know if you want a break." 
I nodded weakly. 
"Who are you?" 
I hesitated. 
"Who am I?" 
Simon nodded. 
"Tell me something about yourself. What's your name, where were you born and how were your parents? How did your mom marry Bobby?"


I told him everything. I told Simon about my dad's death, about how mom struggled with grief and how we met Bobby. I told him about my so-called brothers, about all the fights in the home and how I ended up with Niall. I didn't bring up sex and I didn't talk about alcohol. I told him what was important and I was proud of myself.


"How did it feel that Bobby did that to you?" 
I cried and I felt the whole body shook. The memories came back. 
"Did he hurt you?" 
I nodded quickly. 
"He killed my trust over adults. I lost that little I had left in my life and now there are none of the old left in my life. He did wrong to me, and he had sex with me twice. Said it wouldn't happen again , but I know it had continued if I had stayed."


In the end, I cried so much that Simon took a break. He turned the camera off and he sat down next to me. I felt his arms around me and he wanted to comfort me. 
"You're doing great." he whispered tenderly. "This is going great and it's good that you're crying. It just shows that you're human." 
I sniffed. 
"I want to have Louis here!" 
Simon left me and after a while, Louis entered the room. I threw myself into his arms and I was shaking. He held me tight and I felt that he cared. 
"Was that so terrible?" 
I shook my head. 
"No, but I remember things I want to repress."
Louis kept his arms around me as long as I cried. I don't know how long time it took and I have no idea what I said to him. Eventually I calmed down and released him. 
"Damn, I hate being weak!" 
Louis wiped away tears from my face. 
"You're not weak." he said meaning. "You are strong and you are more than you think." 
Simon came back inside the room. 
"Shall we continue?" 
I nodded weakly. 
"Yes, I want to do this." 
I knew it was hard and I knew I would cry more times, but I wanted it done. I wanted to tell the world everything and I wanted to answer the questions.


When I finally left the police station, I was tired. Johannah came and took us to the car and she looked anxiously at me.
"Can you make it?"
I nodded weakly and sat in the back seat. Louis sat next to me and he held my hand tightly. I heard that they were talking but I couldn't listen. I looked down at the floor and I felt just a small.


When we got back to their house, I lay directly down in bed. I took the covers over my head and I just wanted to be alone. Slowly I remembered all that I had suffered and I hated the feelings in my body. Bobby's breath, how he caressed my body, how he groaned. I just wanted to repress everything and end up remembering.


Johannah woke me up. She sat on the bed and let a hand caress my back. 
"How are you?" 
I removed the covers and looked up at her. I saw that she really cared and she smiled comfortingly at me. 
"I don't know." I whispered. "It's just so hopeless." 
She shook her head quickly. 
"No, it will get better. Thing that's tough today will disappear. You will become strong by this and you will make it."
I sighed. 
"But what's left? I have no family, I have no home and I have no life?" 
Johanna didn't give up. She sat down on the floor and looked straight into my eyes. 
"I promise to help you. I've spoken to Simon and I told him that you are my responsibility. I understand that you have no choice and I understand that you need all the help you can get." 
I hesitated. 
"What do you mean?" 
She smiled and I saw at her that she had plans. 
"You'll stay here from now on. You shouldn't feel forgotten and I'll make sure you come back to life." 
I hesitated. 
"And Niall?"
Johannah hesitated. 
"You want the truth?" 
I nodded and she took a deep breath. 
"Niall will end up behind bars. Not because of what he did with the money, or that he took you away from the house. It has nothing to do with you. He has old crime on him and the lawyers have sentenced him to five years in prison. "
I started to cry. 
"So he's not going to be free?" 
She shook her head. 
"No, he has done lots of burglary and he has destroyed buildings. Therefore he must now serve his sentence."
I was crying, I was shaking and I felt my last hope vanished away. Johannah took her arm around my back.
"You have a future ahead of you. Don't let Niall take you down and don't let the old become your life. You have opportunities, Darling!"
I shook my head.
"No, I have nothing. Everyone dies around me or ends up them in prison."
She shook her head. 
"No, you're a small godsend for me. Louis has sharpened up and he'll start going to school again. Thanks to you, he sharpen himself up. You have made sure that Niall has the same chance. He will get help and maybe he's a new guy in five years. Everything will be fine and everything will be all right. "
I shook my head. She hugged me lightly and I tried to stop crying. She swallowed and finally she did so that I was calm. 
"One more thing." Johannah whispered tenderly. "I got home paper about you and tomorrow we'll have a party." 
"You birthday is tomorrow."

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