My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


8. Two brothers

I woke up with a headache and Bobby came into my room. 
"Rise and shine, Hope!" 
I pulled the blanket over my head and grunted. He was standing in the middle of the floor and frowned. 
"It smells like beer in here!" 
I hadn't brushed my teeth, then smelled my breath? I froze and slowly I remembered the night with Niall. Had I kissed him? I had been about to do anything to have sex with Niall? I was getting disgusted! Me and my so-called brother had stood and necked. I couldn't understand it. 
"I open the window." murmured Bobby and I felt the room was filled with new air. I lay there and I felt ashamed. He walked out of my room and I was still under my blanket. I smelled how I smelled funny and direct, I remembered everything. "Stop it!" Niall had said I hadn't listened. I blushed at the thought that I had seen his member and I had liked being with Perrie. I blushed even more and eventually I realized that Niall had been a gentleman. He hadn't used me and he understood that I would regret it all. I realized that he actually cared, but what did he felt for me? I remembered his smile, his eyes and his hands. Somehow, I loved the memory and I couldn't stop smiling. Niall looked good and he was cute. There was a tingling in my stomach but I realized that Niall didn't want me in that way. "We are brothers and sisters!" and that was all?


Bobby had time to go to his work before I came downstairs in the kitchen. I sat at the kitchen table and chose to drink just tea. I felt like I was dizzy and my body was shaking with fatigue. I looked down at my phone and noticed that Niall had sent me a message. 
//I'll hope you are doing well today. Hug Niall//
I frowned. Hug Niall? I swallowed and I picked up the phone. He had nevertheless spent a few seconds to send the message.
//Thank you for asking. I feel crappy ... hug Hope//


I was certainly a half hour in the shower. I felt the water ran down over my body and I could feel all the smells from Niall disappeared. I brushed my teeth and put on my clothes. Then I lay down in bed and thought about the evening. I still remembered Nialls lips and I felt butterflies in my stomach. He kissed me and he had been so intense. 


I didn't hear that someone came into the house. I didn't hear when a person came up the stairs and walked toward my door. I didn't notice that the door went opened.
"Damn Hope!" I heard and I immediately saw Niall. He stood in the middle of the floor and just stared at me. I swallowed and I felt a tingling in my stomach. 
He came over to the bed and I saw that he hesitated. 
"I shouldn't be here, but damn ..." 
I sat up and swallowed. 
"I remembered that you kissed me." 
Niall groaned lightly. 
"I haven't slept." 
I frowned and didn't understand him. He came up to me and I saw that he hesitated even more. He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes and he didn't seemed to know what he would do. 
I would nod, but he threw himself over me. He lay down quickly on top of me and our lips met. I moaned under his weight and I couldn't say no. I felt how he pushed me down and he kissed me so hard. He moaned and he parted my legs. I felt that he wouldn't let me ff and his hands were everywhere. I moaned when I felt his boner between my legs and he pressed it hard against me. He moaned and he was breathing rapidly.
"Damn Hope!" he groaned again and looked straight into my eyes. He held my face in his hands and he swallowed. "What happened yesterday was magical." 
I was surprised when I felt butterflies in my stomach. I had to nod. I wasn't afraid, but it felt so unreal. Niall groaned and he looked straight at me. 
"I want you, but I know it's wrong." 
"Why?" I whispered, and was surprised that I asked. Niall smiled weakly. 
"I'm not good enough for you. You need a guy who takes care of you and that's well-behaved." 
I groaned and took my hands around his waist. I felt the same tingle as before and I spread my legs a little more. Niall said nothing more. I forced him to start moving on his body against mine and I moaned loudly. Niall whimpered and finally he kissed me again. He quickly pulled up my dress and I felt  how his hands landed under my butt. He pressed his boner between my legs and I moaned with the emotions that popped up. His tongue began to play with mine and he let his hands slide under my panties. He held my ass hard and he pushed me up against him. I felt how he got me wanting more. Niall whimpered and he quickly pulled down my panties. He sat up and pulled them off. I pulled off my dress and Niall looked down over my naked body. He tore off his shirt and didn't dropped me. He looked at me all the time and unbuttoned his pants. He tore off the last garment, and laid naked down on top of me again. I felt his boner was moving over my clit and I moaned loudly. He kissed me again and pressed me down against the mattress. I took my arms around his neck and I moved in his movements. Niall let his tongue slip in and he was like crazy.


Right as it was, he sat just up and he moaned loudly. I looked down at his boner and whimpered. I didn't know what was normal, but it looked big. Niall smiled and let his face sliding down between my legs. He let his tongue do the job and he let it move fast over my clit. I screamed almost straight out and lifted my hips against his face. Niall knew what he was doing to do and in the end I took my legs around his neck and forced him to be tougher against my area. I was close to coming when he tore himself away from me. Instead he grabbed my hips and pulled me down. He penetrated. I felt how he filled me and I groaned higher. Niall began to bounce against my body and he influenced me all over.

We were stiff throughout the body when we heard Greg's voice from the hall. 
Niall stopped and he looked frightened. I sat up and gave him a quick kiss. 
"Wait here!" 
I quickly took on my panties and dress. I straightened my hair and left my room. 
Greg was halfway up the stairs. 
"Dad called and asked me to check out how it was with you." 
I felt that my whole body was affected. I felt a tingle straight through and I realized that I wanted to return to Niall. 
"It's okay, I'm just tired." 
Greg smiled and walked down the stairs again. He walked toward the kitchen. 
"Have you had breakfast yet?" 
I swallowed and looked up towards my room. I wanted to go back. 
Greg seemed pleased with himself. 
"Then I will make sure you have food in your stomach." 
I didn't want to! I moaned and I knew how much I didn't wanted to be with Greg right now. 


Half an hour later Greg was pleased. 
"Okay, now I know that you have eaten and I have to work." 
I smiled and was almost relieved. I wanted to go to my room, I wanted Niall. 
"Okay, I'll call you tonight?" 
He laughed and nodded. I saw that Greg stood up and he looked quickly at his watch. 
"I'll call dad and tell him that you are okay then?" 
I nodded and followed him out into the hall. I wanted him to go. I wanted him to leave the house and I wanted to be alone with Niall. Greg put his jacket on and smiled at me. 
"You look happy?" 
I swallowed uncertain.
"I've taken a shower and I feel good." 
He raised his eyebrows. 
I nodded and he opened the door. He was on his way out when he was right as it was stopped. He looked at me again. 
"Niall hasn't been here?" 
"Why do you ask?" 
Greg sighed and looked down at the ground. 
"He hasn't called me today and he usually calls." 
I swallowed. 
"He's going to call!" 
Greg laughed lightly. 
"How do you know?" 
I could tell Greg that I should tell Niall to call him. 
"I just know!"

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