My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


17. The car

In the morning I woke up when Niall lit a fire in the fireplace. I realized that we had slept on the floor and my body was numb. We were still naked and I followed him with my eyes. He saw that I was awake and immediately he sat down beside me. 
"Good morning!" 
I smiled and sat up. I noticed that I had pain all over and I swallowed. 
"I'm hungry!" 
Niall was fast. He went over to the little mini fridge and picked up something to eat. He gave me food and sat next to me again. 
"I called Louis. He'll try to get hold of a car for us." 
I frowned. 
"You have no driver's license?" 
He grinned lightly. 
"Nah, but I can drive a car. All we have to do is stay away from the police and drive legally." 
Okay, I agreed.


"Lie down!" 
I looked wonderingly at him. I obeyed him. Direct Niall pulled up the blankets and sat down below me. He leaned over my body and started kissing my breasts. 
"No!" I mumbled, he influenced me. "We ..." 
Niall looked up at me. 
"I just want to do something for you." he kissed my skin and I felt  how he got me to give up. His face landed between my legs and he licked me so perfectly. I lifted my hips against him and I felt the whole I was shaking. Niall parted my legs and he let his tongue almost penetrate. I whimpered. 
"Must you always lick me?"
"We don't have condoms." he murmured, and let two fingers to replace his tongue. I shook and whimpered. I felt his fingers penetrated and he almost reached my g-spot. Niall was happy and he let his tongue play with my kllitoris. 
"But what about you?" I moaned and tried to keep me calm. "You get nothing out of it? 
Niall looked up at me. 
"Will you suck my dick?" 
I whimpered. 
"Have never tested." 
Niall smiled and released me completely. He stood up and pointed down at the hand boner. 


I did it! I got on my knees in front of him and let my hand encircling his cock. I looked up at him. 
"I kind of lick it?" 
Niall groaned. 
"Fantasize that there's an ice cream, but you can't bite into it." 
I smiled and let my tongue slide over the tip of his dick. I closed my eyes and saw before me an ice cream. A delicious ice cream with vanilla flavour.
"Damn go on!" Niall groaned and slowly began to bring his hips against me. I let it slide into my mouth and I did as I thought I would. 
I obeyed, and in the end he took his hands over my head. He punpade into my mouth, as if he were in my normal holes. Before he came, he pulled me away and took up one of the blankets. He came straight on the fabric, and he groaned aloud. I smiled and wiped my mouth.


"Damn you, you can more than you think." Niall mumbled and smiled at me. "You're self-taught!" 
I grinning. He sat down and let his hand caress me between the legs. I sat on my knees and started kissing him. He had two fingers penetrate and he let his tongue slip in between my lips. I didn't need much until I came and I almost rode on his fingers. 


"I'm glad you're with me." 
I laughed. 
"Just because I sucked in you?" 
He shook his head. 
"No, I do not feel alone anymore."


Louis came with a car. It was a rusty piece of shit, but Niall was happy. He opened the hood and saw that everything worked. 
"What did you give for it?" 
Louis laughed. 
"You get it for free! Dad had it on the yard for while now and I fixed the engine in this spring. Perhaps not the best car, but it works." 
I came up to them and frowned. 
"And this is legal?" 
Louis smiled. 
"Yes indeed. I made ​​sure that my father paid the insurance and everything on it. I lied and said I needed it. If he asks about the car, I just say at a friend borrow it."
Niall hugged Louis and then took up some money to him. He gave him some notes and smiled. 
"You're worth it." 
Louis laughed lightly and did not say no. He pressed the money into his pocket and walked toward the house. 
"We pack everything into the car now?" 
I felt insecure. The car was not at all good looking, but maybe the police would not notice us anyway?


The radio worked on the car and when we got out on the highway Niall put it on. He smiled with his whole face, and he seemed to love that we did something odd.

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