My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


1. prologue

Niall was two years older than me. We sat together on the bench in the church and he seemed not to care so much about the fact that our parents got married. He sighed and seemed to be more interested in all the younger girls in the church. He was fifteen years old and I was thirteen. We had only known each other for a year, we hadn't seen each other every day. I liked Greg more. He was funny and he seemed at least like me. My mom had said that Niall would surely change his mind, but I doubted that part. 
"Will they not come soon." Niall mumbled cold. "We have waited for five minutes." 
I sighed. 
"Can't you just sit still?" 
He smiled at me quickly and then looked over at my cousin. He flirted lightly with her ​​and I saw she giggled. I knew Niall could be charming, but not to me. 
"She's my cousin." I hissed between my teeth. 
"And?" Niall grinned. "She's not my cousin?"
Greg sat on Nialls other side and he laughed a little bit. 
"Come on Niall, you can't flirt this day. Daddy said we should be calm and you know he's only going to get angry if you find out anything stupid to do." 
I agreed. 
"And mom will get mad." 
Niall laughed lightly and he looked forward to the altar. He sighed and didn't seem to like to sit still. 
"Must it take so long for the wedding to be over? I thought they would just come in and say yes?" 
Greg sighed. 
"Just take it easy. Tomorrow you are free and then you get to do what you want." 
Niall snorted. 
"As if that would get me to be quiet?"


My mother was very beautiful. She had a gorgeous wedding dress and Bobby looked like an edited man. In my eyes, it was a beautiful wedding and I was almost in tears. Niall sat and just sighed. When they finally said yes, he puffed out. 
"Soon over?" 
I kicked him 
Greg agreed and gave Niall a quick glance. 
"Just be still and quiet!"


Mom pulled me away from the party after the wedding. She smiled at me and hugged me lightly. 
"Hope, you know you will always be my only daughter and I love you more than anything on earth?" 
I hugged her back. 
"I know mom." 
She released me and smiled big. 
"You'll see that it'll work out. Niall will be with Maura over here and he will get used to." 
I nodded. I did not believe her words, but I chose not to ruin her day. I smiled, hugged her again and I must admit that I really loved my mother.


Niall was in our house for a week in the month and he always had something crazy going on. I quickly learned that he was a problem. He fooled around with girls, even though he was older and he clearly showed that he wanted to decide over all. 
"He's just got a hard time to adapt." said Bobby, but I didn't see that. I saw a selfish brother who didn't care about a single person, more than about himself. 
"It will get better." but it only got worse. Meanwhile, I looked after my studies and I did everything that wasn't as Niall. Mom was proud of me and Bobby was glad that I kept myself calm, unlike Niall.


Two years later, not much has changed. 
"I didn't chose to end up in this family!" Niall screamed at Bobby. "I didn't choose to be born so what's your problem?"
"Look at Hope!" shouted Bobby almost back to Niall. "She's two years younger than you but she behaves as if she were older!" 
Niall screamed expletives and left the table. 
"You aren't fucking normal. She's a girl and she's lame!" 
I looked at both my mom and Bobby that they wanted to argue, but as always got Niall to leave the dinner table. 
"He's not going to get better." Bobby sighed. "He just keeps getting worse." 
I looked down into the bowl and felt small. I didn't think Niall would be angry, or that he would hate us. Still, I felt the same feelings towards him. He was hopeless.

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