My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


11. Panic!

"You can't visit her today." 
I saw at the doctor that it was serious. 
"I'm her only daughter!" 
He was cocksure. 
"YOU can't visit her and that's all. You may return another day." 
I panicked. 
"She's my mom?" 
"You can't!" 
I blinked and I saw that he was serious. I got more panic and I just wanted to scream out straight. I realized that now it was all downhill. I turned around and I ran. I ran out of the hospital and I ran all the way across the parking lot. I just felt my legs and I lost all sense of time and place.


"Mom and Dad will always be with you." 
I was between them in bed and I felt their love towards me. 
"You mustn't die!" 
Mom laughed lightly with her ​​tinkling laughter. 
"No, we wont die!" 
"Do you promise?" 
Dad nodded and kissed me on the forehead. 
"We will always be with you and we wont die. Not in a long time!" 
I was safe. I felt their bodies on either side of me and I smiled at them. I thought my life would always be so fortunate. A week later, my dad coughing. I had no idea what death meant, and I couldn't even pronounce words properly yet.


It was cold, it was raining and I fell down. I saw before me blurred pictures from my childhood and I was scared. I saw blurry faces and I panicked. 
"I wont forget you Dad!" I shouted. "Mommy help!" 
There were none there for me. I felt not a single warm hug and I felt no love towards me. I just felt cold and I realized I shouldn't even be where I was. I cringed and I shook. 
No answer. 
No answer.


The last Christmas gave daddy me a big package. 
"I love you, Darling!" he said and I smiled at him. I tore off the paper and I opened the box. I got the doll that I had dreamed about for a long time. I got a doll that was created from porcelain and who was vulnerable. 
"Thank you!" 
Dad hugged me and laughed happily. 
"You're like a doll darling. Though you're my tomboy are you still my little girl." 
I smashed the doll after the funeral. I didn't want remember anything. I just wanted to die and I just wanted to disappear. I didn't think dad would be dead and I didn't want him to leave me. The doll flew into a thousand pieces and everything landed on the soft moss. I cried, I cried and I didn't want to go home. I played around me, I kicked and I was panicking. What would my life be without my dad? What would my life be if mom left me? I had many questions but no answers. I was a lonely little girl without a goal. I didn't want to be a tomboy. I didn't want to be daddy's little girl. I didn't want to be....


I opened my eyes and saw Greg sofa. I swallowed and realized that I was in his apartment. I was shaking and I had a fever, but I didn't care. I felt the pillow under my head and I felt the blanket around my body. 
"She's sick!" 
It was Greg voice from the kitchen. 
"But she needs a doctor." 
It was Nialls voice. 
"No Niall. There's not a doctor who can help her. She has lost both her ​​mother and father." 
I realized that my mom was dead. I was angry, I was sad and I was hopeless. I felt like a hamster in a cage and I just wanted away.


Fog, dreams that I couldn't decipher, sound that wasn't there. I ended up in a fog and I didn't get out of there.


"Beep, beep!" 

Apparatus that was attached to my body. Alien voices, breath and movement. I felt hands all over my body. I felt the question mark and I felt exclamation. I swallowed and I didn't want to wake up. I didn't want no more. I couldn't take it more.

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