My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


3. My mom

Greg drove me home as he had promised, and he smiled at me. 
"You're a good sister. I wish we really were siblings sometimes. Then I had at least one a normal sister." 
I smiled at him and then I looked out the car window. 
"Niall might settle down?" 
"No. .." said Greg quickly. "It seems like he just gave up. It was different when we were kids. Then he looked up at me and he was so lovely. He was funny, he was frisky and he wanted to be nice. Now he just ... . "
I knew it was a sensitive subject. Greg said nothing more and he stopped outside my house. I took off my belt and gave him a quick hug. 
"Come home when you want." 
He smiled and released me. 
"And you get to peer over to me whenever you want."


"Did you have fun?" Mom asked tired. She sat with her ​​bathrobe on the body and she didn't look spirited out. "I have just got a fever!" 
Bobby smiled at me and sat on the other side of the table. 
"So what did you do?" 
I swallowed and smiled at them. I leaned against the wall and folded my arms crushed. I tried to look calm out and I rubbed away the picture of Niall. 
"We saw a movie and I slept on the couch. Greg gave me breakfast and then he drove me home."
Mom smiled and she believed my lie. 
"Good, I'm sorry but we can't do something fun today, as I promised. I got a fever last night and I don't feel good." 
I gulped and nodded weakly. I saw at her that she wasn't keen and I understood that she didn't want to disappoint me. 
"We can take it another time?" 
She smiled and nodded at me. 
"I promise!"


I sat in the room all day. I sat at the computer and I chatted with friends. I wrote short stories on Movellas and I peered into Twitter. In the end, I felt just down. It was a broken family that I lived in and I felt I didn't fit. I wished I could stand up to Niall and not just be a coward all the time. I was thinking about my real dad. I had only small memories of him and I remembered that he laughed a lot. At that time my mother was happy and she hugged me often. 
"You are the best kid in the world." Dad used to say, and he swung me up in the air, high above his head. I laughed and when he took me down I hugged him tightly. 
"I love you so much!"
He slowly got sick and one day I heard my mom say on the phone that he had an incurable disease. I didn't understand what that meant, but I knew he was sick. Slowly he began to lean and he was no longer the happy dad as I once had. I was six years old when I saw him the last time. We were in a hospital and he was lying in a bed with devices connected to the body. I remembered that I just wanted to leave, but my mom forced me to sit beside him. I avoided him, because I no longer recognized him .
"It's okay!" Dad whispered and smiled at me. "I'm just sick, but I will always love you."
I didn't answer and instead I looked down at the floor. I said nothing to him throughout the visit hours. I just stared down at my shoes and I refused to bother me.
"She doesn't recognize me," whispered dad, but my mom shook her head and she cried.
"I know she loves you."
The truth was that I loved him more than anyone else, but I was too proud. When he was dead, I regretted that I hadn't hugged him. I regretted that I hadn't spoken with him or been with him. At the funeral, I stood a long time and looked at him. He was like he was sleeping and I saw that he was wearing makeup. Mom had chosen an open coffin, she wanted to see him one last time and she wanted to say goodbye. I waited for Dad to open his eyes and tell me that everything would be fine. He never did it. Finally, I promised him that I would be the best daughter in the world. I would get good grades and I would take care of me. I promised my dead dad that never make mistakes and to always live by the heart.


Mom came into my room and she smiled at me. 
"I go to the hospital. Bobby drives me, but we'll be back in an hour or so?" 
I nodded and smiled at her. 
She gave me a hug and disappeared. I heard how they left the house, locked the door and drove away. I loved my mom and I were often afraid of losing her. Still she didn't replace my missing after my dad. I cried often over that he was no longer with me, but no one else in the world knew about my feelings. I didn't tell Bobby and I didn't tell it to Mom. There was no one who was worthy enough to know my innermost feelings.


Bobby came home late at night and he was tired. I came down to the hall and saw that my mom wasn't there. 
"What happened?" 
He smiled weakly and swallowed. 
"She had to stay behind. The will only take a few samples on her. She'll be home tomorrow." 
I was worried. 
"Can't we go to her?" 
Bobby shook his head quickly and took off the jacket. 
"No, they said they'll call when they know more. We'll just wait. Answers come tomorrow."
He saw that I had tears in my eyes. Directly he hugged me and smiled reassuring. 
"It's okay Hope. She's just sick and they wanted to find out if it was a virus." 
I hugged him and then I released him. 
"So tomorrow you promise that she come home?" 
He smiled and nicked. 
"She's just a cold and it will pass."

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