My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


15. My hero....

"Greg? Couldn't I be with you and sleep here?" 
He smiled and shook his head. 
"Right now I have many things going on and you are better off at home with dad." 
I quickly shook my head and I felt panic. 
"Please. I promise to clean and do it all, as a thanks." 
Greg sighed and saw at me that I really wanted to be in his apartment. 
"My girlfriend will be moving in here." he said, and he seemed unsure. "She needs to feel at home before you get to come here and sleep." 
I just wanted to cry. 
"But you do have an attic? I can sleep there?" 
Greg laughed a little bit and hugged me. 
"You'll get used to that your mom is gone. The house will feel empty for a while, but it gets better."
I started to cry. 


I bought an extra lock to my room. I arranged so that Bobby couldn't come into my room when I was home. I also made sure that there were snacks in the room, if he would drink alcohol again. I wanted to assure myself that I was safe in my home. I also put a bucket under the bed, in case I couldn't go to the toilet. I put toilet paper next to it and then I was happy. It was as if I could create my own security and finally I was sure I could take a breather.


Bobby came home and I heard that he went into the kitchen with food bags. I heard he picked things into the cabinets and that he was cleaning. 
"Are you hungry?" he called out questioningly. He wanted me to respond. 
He came up the stairs and stopped outside my door. He tried to opened the door but he couldn't.
"Open the door." 
I sat on the bed. 
"No, you will never enter into my room never again." 
He sighed, 
"I said sorry!" 
I just wanted to cry. 
"It doesn't help!"
It was quiet for a few seconds. 
"Come on Hope! It just happened and I promise I wont touch you again." 
I swallowed. 
"I don't want to have any food and you may not enter. Not until you have proven that you aren't a paedophile." 

He laughed lightly. 
I nodded. 
"You had sex with me and I'm fifteen years old. You're an old man!" 
He wasn't sure. 
"It just happened, I missed your mom and you are reminded me of her." 
I felt the tears coming. 
"I'm not mom and you have no right to take advantage of me."
He seemed genuinely sorry, but I didn't trust him anymore. 
"I leave food left in the kitchen. I'm going away with some friends and come home late. Okay?" 
I swallowed. 


It was good to be home alone. I ate food that Bobby had left for me. I sat and looked at the TV and I felt quite safe. I knew he would come back home and I was ready to lock myself in my room. I tried to get up with a plane. What I would do for him to understand what he had done. But I wasn't good at that part.


I fell asleep on the couch and I was far away. I felt someone lay on top of me and I heard moaning. I opened my eyes and saw Bobby. He was drunk and I panicked. I tried to resist, but he was twice as strong. He tore off my panties and pulled down his pants. 
"Come on, Darling!" he groaned. "Dad just want to have some fun." 
I screamed and I tried to kick, but still he once again was raping me. I felt dirty and I felt nauseous. I heard how he sounded on top of me and I felt his body against mine. I chose to block out everything and I lay like a sack under him.


Right as it was, he disappeared. I noticed that he no longer lay on top of me. I opened my eyes and saw Niall. He beat Bobby, he hit him in the face, stomach and eventually fell Bobby together. I realized that Niall had come in when we did. Niall was angry, and he cried. He looked at me and I saw that he was in despair. 
"Sorry!" he whispered. "I'm sorry I left you, but I was scared." 
I flew up from the couch and threw myself into his arms. 
"Take me away from here. He's done it before and he will do it again, to me." 
Niall hugged me and kissed me lightly. 
"We pack a bag with your clothes and anything else you want to take with you. I know where dad has all his money. We take them and leave this damn town?" 
I nodded and released him. 
"I don't want to come back here." 
Niall nodded and took me up the stairs. We worked quickly and after five minutes I stood in the hallway with a bag. Niall came down with a bag and I realized that there was money in it.
"I wrote a note to him." whispered Niall and gulped. "If he calls the police or any other person, we'll call the police and tell them about everything." 
He pulled down my panties and I was surprised. He smiled and placed them in a plastic bag. 
"On these panties are DNA from dad. He can't deny if we give them to the police." 
I smiled. I didn't mind being naked under my dress and I nodded. Niall put the plastic bag in the other bag and then we left the house.

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