My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


2. My brother....

Greg came up to my room and he smiled a little cool toward me. 
"I know they had a fight about Niall. Want to sleep over at my apartment and we can always see a movie?" 
I sighed and saw that he wanted to make me happy again. 
"Why is your brother so difficult and you so easily?" 
Greg smiled and walked into the room. 
"Come on, we're not talking about him?" 
I smiled and sat up. I took off my blanket and followed him out of the room. Greg was quick and stuck his head in the kitchen. 
"We go to my place. She needs something other than this?" 
Mom sighed and came out into the hall. I knew she was felt guilty. 
"I'm sorry honey!" she said to me and hugged me tightly. "We just haven't agreed on what's best for Niall." 
I hugged her back. 
"Is it alright if I'm with Greg?" 
Mom nodded and released me. 
"Are you coming home tonight or tomorrow?"
"She sleeps in my sofa." said Greg quickly. "My girlfriend's busy and I gladly take care of my sister." 
Mom nodded and smiled at me. 
"Tomorrow, I promise that we will do something else. It will calm down." 
I knew she was lying. I chose to put on my shoes and followed Greg into his car. There had been many fights in the house and I was the one that everyone forgot all about. I could sit in my room and hear how Niall just screamed hatred of both my mom and Bobby. He could come home and just check for conflicts. He tried, so far, to not be mad at me, but I saw at him that he hated me. I don't know why Niall was who he was. Maybe he was with the wrong friends or he just felt off. He went between our home and Maura's house. It was as if he didn't land and he went at full speed all the time.


"You get to choose the film!" said Greg and began picking order in the room. I saw that he hadn't been cleaned in a long time, but it didn't matter. At Greg's home no one was teasing and he was always nice to me. I walked over to his bookshelf and looked through his films. I had no idea what I wanted to see and finally I chose a detective movie. I sat on the couch and Greg came out with snacks and soft drinks. 
"I know you don't have it easy with dad and Marry!" he said graciously and sat beside me on the couch. "You are always welcome here, when Niall causes them to become angry." 
I smiled gratefully and gave him the film. We changed the subject and he put the movie in the DVD;n.


I loved to be with Greg. He was kind and he treated me really like his little sister. He wanted to take care of me and he didn't want me to end up in a bad home. Often, I could just take the bike and come over to him, without to call. Greg was always happy to see me and he seemed to enjoy my company. He had a girlfriend and he had many funny friends. He was such a guy that I wanted when I grew up, but me Greg was just like a brother to me. I had no other feelings for him.


Middle of the night, I heard Greg's cell phone rang. I heard what he said, and he didn't sound happy. 
"But Niall you just can't believe that I put up every time ..." he was interrupted and I heard him leave the bed. "So you're sitting at the police station and they want an adult to pick you up?" 
I lay perfectly still on the couch and I just felt small. Everything was about Niall and he always found out the wrong thing to do. 
"But our sister sleeps here!" Greg burst on. "Yes, she sleeps over here because Marry and dad are arguing about you." 
I just wanted to cry. Why had Niall to be so hard? He didn't seem to care about us, and Greg seemed to be the one who got the most out of the shit. 
"Well yes, but you can't sleep here." Greg sighed. "No Niall!"


I sat up when Greg came into the room. He put on his clothes and sighed. 
"I'll just arrange a thing!" 
I swallowed. 
He saw at me that I knew too much. He nodded and put on his shoes. 
"Don't tell Dad. Niall's with the police and I have to get him." 
"Is he going to be here?" 
Greg didn't answer. He just took his jacket and disappeared. I wasn't scared, but I felt discomfort. All ran after Niall and everyone was trying to save him. If I were Greg, I had said no. I had said something to crack down and I had left him to rot at the police. 


Even though I was left alone, I fell asleep. I known how sleep took over and I landed quickly in dreamland.


In the morning, I heard laughter in the kitchen. I straightened up and stood up at the floor. I had a nightdress on and chose not to take on my clothes. I sneaked into the kitchen and saw Greg and Niall. They made ​​breakfast and fried eggs. 
"Good morning!" Greg said as soon as he saw me. Niall just nodded cold and proceeded to turn the eggs. I understood that I disturbed them. Niall didn't see me as a sister. He saw me as a parasite. 
"Sit down and eat." Greg continued happily. "We have fried eggs, pancakes, and you get to eat what you want." 
I sat down on one of the chairs and took a sandwich. I poured the tea in my cup and looked against the guys. Niall seemed to be in good spirits when he was with Greg and he laughed. 
"Come on, I can turn the eggs!" 
Greg teased him lightly and laughed. 
"Are you going to make scrambled eggs or what?"


When everyone sat at the table, I saw that Niall was hungry. He threw in some food and he smacked his whole mouth. He belched and I saw that he didn't bother to have table manners. 
"You can't say anything." Greg said to me and was a little more serious. "What happened last night shouldn't dad have to hear. Niall repent and that's enough?" 
I looked down at the plate and nodded weakly. 
Niall was startled. 
"She's going to tattle!" 
Greg gave him a dirty look and shook his head. 
"Now you're just quiet and grateful that I'm your brother and that I care about you. She won't say anything."
I looked up at Niall and he looked coldly at me. 
"If you so much as open your sweet little mouth.." 
Greg slapped him lightly. 
"Put it down, it wasn't she who broke the law." 
Niall sighed and continued to eat. 
"I don't trust her." 
I swallowed. 
"I promise not to tell." 
Niall sighed again and he looked up at me and chewed with his mouth open. He swallowed and seemed to ponder. 
"Okay, I trust you this time, but if your mouth ..." 
Greg kicked him and Niall became almost angry. 
"Don't kick me! Yes, I wont say mean things to her, but she's so fucking perfect and she ..." 
Greg sighed. 
"Niall be just quiet!" he then smiled at me. "It's good Hope and Niall should know that he ought to trust people. How does the food taste, okay?" 
I saw that I hadn't taken any eggs or pancakes. I chose an egg and took it to my plate. I smiled at him. 
Niall sighed. 
"You haven't tasted it and I was the one who fried all the eggs."

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