My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


9. Making love

Niall lay in my bed and I saw that he moved his hand over his boner.

"I wanted to continue." he said and blushed. I smiled and tore off my clothes.
"Call Greg first!"
Niall sighed and groaned loudly.
"Do I have to do that?"
I stood naked in the middle of the floor and nodded.
Niall dropped his member and picked up the handset. He hit the number and picked up the receiver to his ear. Under the meantime, I came up to the bed and I sat down on his waist. Just for the sake, I let my hand move over his member. Niall groaned loudly, but had to pull himself together when Greg responded on the other end.
"Hey what's up?"
I sat over his dick and let it slowly penetrate. Niall whimpered and he did everything to not groan out loud.
"Yeah I'm out with friends on the town." he continued, closing his eyes. He had his mouth wide open and I landed on him. His cock was fully inside me. Niall took his second hand around my waist and forced me to start riding him. He showed with his face that he loved every move I made.
"Sure, Greg......" he said and sounded normal. I started riding him faster. Niall groaned and he looked straight at me. "No, Greg, I just running."
I felt my whole body was screaming for more and in the end I didn't care if he was talking to Greg. I moved quickly and Niall just put on the phone. He threw it across the room and grabbed my waist with both his hands. I leaned forward and placed one hand on each side of his head. I felt a tingle all over and I didn't want to stop. I moved me quickly and pretty soon we groaned loudly. I felt Niall lifted his hips at my pace and his dick was moving quickly into me.


Niall sat up and held me down. I couldn't move and he looked straight into my eyes. He was breathing rapidly and he groaned. 
"Take it easy, baby!" 
I smiled and nodded. He kissed me and I felt his lips searched for mine. I let my tongue slide in and he received it with joy. I took my arms around his neck and pushed him against me. Niall kept a firm grip around my body and took his feet down to the floor. He stood up and let his hands fast landed under my butt. Without a word he bobbed me up and down over his member. I groaned and continued to kiss him. Niall whimpered and he brought me quickly up and down. He walked slowly towards the wall and I took my legs around his waist. I felt how he pressed me up against the cold surface and quickly he started pounding me against the wall. I moaned and I groaned aloud. He was sweating and I could feel all his muscles were tense.I just couldn't get enough of him. He moved smoothly and I felt that he filled every inch of me. He pounded against me and he was like a madman after my kisses. Eventually, he slowly began to accelerate to the max. I felt how he unbuckled himself and finally he came. I felt him squeeze his hard dick and it vibrated when it took out all the semen into me. I received him, and he pressed himself hard against me. He gasped and he whimpered.


Niall dropped me on the floor and he kissed me. One of his hands slid down between my legs and he started to fondle me. I groaned and I felt it wasn't needed so much more. He let his lips wander down anyway and once again I felt his tongue glide quickly over my clit. I spread my legs as much as I could and lifted me up against him. He had two fingers penetrate and he gained direct my g-spot. I screamed and held my hands tightly over his head. Niall licked me all the way through the orgasm and I was shaking like a volcano that just spurted lava.


Niall was breathing rapidly and he looked up at me. I met his gaze and direct I blushed. He grinned lightly and swallowed. 
"You know that I wont let a single guy poking at you?" 
I smiled. 
He moaned and he sat up under me. 
"Seriously, I'm not going to let you go." 
I wasn't sure. I realized it was Niall, that my so-called brother, sitting on my bed.

"And what do we say to everyone?" 
Niall sighed lightly. 
"No one needs to know?" 
I frowned quickly and sat up. 
"But Bobby and mom?" 
Niall gulped and looked down. 
"Hope, they will hate you for choosing me. Please say nothing to them." 
I understood him. I realized he was right. 
Niall smiled and looked at me again. 
"Just you need to know that I love you."

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