My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


13. Love???

I woke up by a pair of arms around my waist. Somebody lay down beside me and I felt Nialls scents. I knew right away that it was him. 
"I miss you." Niall whispered tenderly. "Please don't give up Hope, when I finally found you." 
I opened my eyes and looked at him. Niall smiled faintly and I saw that he was tired. He was pale and he wasn't nearly as tough as he used to be. 
"Who cares?" I whispered. "Mom's dead and I have no one left." 
Niall swallowed and let his hand slide across my cheek. 
"You have me?" 
I frowned. 
"You're not my family?" 
He disagreed. 
"Daddy loves you, Greg love you and I adore you. We won't let you go, although I accidentally did too much with you."
I didn't know I was disappointed. Something inside me still wanted Niall and I liked that I had sex with him. I was glad that it was he who took my virginity. 
"I have no regrets!" 
He raised his eyebrows. 
I shook my head. 
"You were the only one who was there and who was trying to get me to think about something else." 
Niall smiled and kissed me lightly on the cheek. 
"So if I don't dare to continue with the relationship, you will do it anyway?" 
I smiled, I actually smiled and I nodded. 
"I wont be so perfect anymore. I'm sick of myself." 
He thought. 
"But don't be like Eleanor or Perrie, honey."
Greg came through the door and he was surprised when he saw Niall in the bed. He just stared at us, swallowed and closed the door. 
"Did I miss something?" 
I shook my head and smiled. 
"Niall just talked to me, nothing else." 
Greg smiled and stood by the bed. 
"How are you?" 
I sighed. 
"I'm tired and I'm still empty, but maybe I will try." 
Niall agreed and smiled at Greg. 
"She's a fighters." 
Greg just nodded and laughed a little bit. 
"So the brother have said a few choice words?" he said, and hadn't thought about that Niall and I were a couple. "Good, at last, you have listened Niall." 
We didn't say we chose a relationship. It wasn't the time to talk about that with Greg.


Bobby was happy when I got back home. It was empty in the house without mom and I felt a certain sadness. Niall was with us and Bobby was almost glad that we were becoming a family, after all. 
"I go up to your room!" I said right away. They said no against me and no one seemed to mind that I retreated. I elected to quietly sat on the bed and I felt even more emptiness. I saw a photo of mom, which I had framed, and I realized I hadn't mourned clear yet.


I woke in the middle of the night that Niall came in to me. He only had underwear on and he lay down beside me. I took the blanket over us and smiled. 
He laughed and took his arms around me. 
"I wanted to see how you were doing." 
I smiled and was grateful that he cared. Niall was really perfect in every way. I knew he wouldn't disappoint me and he was the only person I trusted. 
"If we had known about this from the start .." I whispered. "then I hadn't been so mean to you." 
He ran his hand through his hair. 
"Look, I understand that you were mad at me. I really do! You had every right to not like me." 
I smiled and took his hand. I brought it to my heart, which meant I put his hand over one of my breasts. 
"I love you!" I whispered. "From now on, you are the only one I care about, and my heart is yours. I follow you everywhere and I wont listen to Bobby and Greg."
Niall groaned and nodded a little bit.
"Hope, I might not be the right person to..."
I took his hand and brought it down between my legs. I forced him to fondle me and I saw that he went excited over it. I spread my legs and felt him put his fingers hard over my clit. I groaned and looked straight into his eyes.
"You are afraid!" I whispered and let his hand slip back inside my panties. I dropped it and Niall continued to caress me by him self. He leaned towards me and kissed me. I felt how he took over my body and he owned me. I spread more on my legs and I moved towards the hand. Niall whimpered and he let two fingers penetrating. I groaned and quickly pulled my panties down. Niall ended the kiss and he was red in the face.
"Dad's home!"
I didn't care. I took my arms around his neck and forced him to land on top of me. Niall pulled off his shorts and quickly brought his cock towards me. I felt he penetrated. He filled me all the way in and we tried to be quiet. He pulled off my nightgown and kissed me again. Niall was like a drill into me. He wanted to get deeper into and he messed rapidly on the hip. I felt how he slowly got my body shaking and I was completely in his movements.
"How are you?" 
We stopped and it was Bobby. 
He didn't come into my room, but he stood outside the door. 
"Tell me if you want to talk. You don't need to weep alone." 
Niall smiled and we realized that he didn't suspect that Niall was inside the room. We didn't move on us and I tried to think of a good answer. 
"Good night!" he said at last, and we heard that he went to his bedroom. Niall hesitated. 
"We shouldn't do this." he whispered. "It feels wrong, but at the same time I can't stop." 
I swallowed and took my legs around his waist. 
"I've always cared about what others think of me. Can't we just put it aside and do what we want to do?"
Niall grunted and sat up. He sat between my legs and looked down at my body. 
"You shouldn't.." he murmured and hesitated. He let his palms slid over my skin and he bent over my body. His face landed over my face and he stood on all four. 
"You can get pregnant?" 
I swallowed. 
"I know." 
Niall looked down over my stomach and down towards his own boner. 
"But I love it. I have always loved sex." 
I gulped and started to get tired of just talking. 
"Should we or should we not?" 
Niall sliding down over my body, and he landed with his face between my legs. I felt his tongue began to play with me and I reacted instantly. He sucked, he licked and he almost bit me. I took my legs around his head and forced him to continue. I was shaking all over. It was wonderful and it wasn't long until I came. I tried not to cry and I let my body explode.


I was surprised when Niall just left the bed. He took his clothes and left the room. I instantly felt empty and I realized I shouldn't have forced him. Maybe he didn't want to go against Bobby and maybe he wanted to do the right things, instead of just wrong?

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