My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


24. Greg

Greg hugged me tightly. He kept his arms around my body long before he released me. I saw that he was disappointed that Louis was behind me, but he was glad that I showed up. 
"I don't know what to say." he whispered uncertainly. "I'm on your side and dad did wrong against you. But he's my dad." 
I swallowed. 
"And that means?" 
Greg looked down at the floor and he pondered. 
"I don't know!" he whispered. "I wish I could ask him to go to hell, but I can't." 
Louis walked past me into the hall and looked coldly at Greg. 
"She didn't come here to talk about that damn old man."
Greg took a deep breath and nodded. 
"I know, but it feels as if everyone around me ended up in prison." 
I swallowed. 
"Better that they live than they die? Everyone around me seems to end up six feet under." 
Louis took his arm around my shoulders. Okay that he would help me, but he behaved like a bodyguard. 
"I'll be fine." I whispered to him, but Louis didn't leave the hall. Greg sighed and showed that we could get into the apartment. 
"No!" I replied quickly. "What did you want?" 
He hesitated. 
"I just wanted to know if you were alive, and see if you were okay."

It was wrong of me to stay there. I liked Greg, or at least I did it before. It felt like he was a stranger now and I didn't trust him anymore. At one time, he had been my brother, or something like my brother. Now he was a stranger, and I saw at him that he felt the same for me. 
"When everything has calmed down and everything is done. Then maybe we can get together." I whispered. Greg nodded and he understood me. He swallowed and looked down at the floor. 
"I'm here if you need anything." 
I nodded a little weak and gave him a light hug. 
"Take care of yourself!" 
"You too!"


I cried all the way out to the car. I realized that my life really wasn't at all as I had wanted. The old girl who was happy, was gone. The person that was left was an empty shell and I had no idea what would happen. I didn't care if I had food to eat or where I would stay. I was alone. I was abandoned. The memories slowly began to blur and I sat a long time and thought about how my dad had once been. I remembered my mom faint and I was scared. I was so afraid I would forget.

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