My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


21. Get help

I woke up the next morning with Niall stood talking on the phone. He sounded angry and he went back and forth through the room. He was still naked. 
"But the hell, you mean he ...?" Niall gulped and I saw that he was really pissed off and he didn't notice that I was awake. "He'll fucking fuck." 
I sat up and immediately met Niall my eye. He hesitated. 
"Louis, I'll call you later." 
He put away the phone and looked at me. Niall really thought about something and it was like he didn't want to tell me what had happened. 
"We have to leave London." he said curtly, then went to the toilet. 
Niall snorted and disappeared. I heard he started the shower. 
"Let's just say that we must go now."


We packed quickly and Niall paid for the room. We went quickly to the car and when we had closed the doors of the car, he looked at me. I saw that he wasn't happy and I saw that something had happened. 
"Dad's looking for us." 
I swallowed. 
"Because of the money?" 
Niall gulped and nodded. 
"He has filed a police report about me for kidnapping and that I stole the money. Louis says he refuses to admit that he touched you and I must find a way to get the truth to the police."
I got scared. 
"So what do we do now?" 
Niall gulped and started the car. 
"I guess we'll have to lay low." 
I did not dare ask him any more questions. Niall did so we came away from London and I looked at him that he was as scared as I was. 
"Damn!" he hissed and struck his hand against the steering wheel. "I thought he would understand that he had done wrong." 
I looked at Niall and I attempt to think clearly. 
"But we have the panties and you have the photo?" 
Niall nodded. 
"But if I go into a police station, they will fix me." 
I pondered. 
"But if I go?" 
Niall frowned. 
"No one will believe us."
Nialls phone rang again and he responded quickly. I knew it was Louis again and I saw that Niall was tense throughout the body. 
"Louis can you do me a favor?" 
Niall explained about the photo and immediately jumped Louis on the plan. 
"Mom understands that there's something important if you talk to her. You get to choose if we must let her know the truth or not. Simply printing out the photo several times. I want at least ten copies. One photo must be sent to the police, my dad will get one and the other is our security."


"It will be all right!" Niall whispered and smiled at me. "I'll fix this." 
I gulped and nodded. 
"I don't want to go back to Bobby and I won't return to the house." 
Niall smiled and took my hand. 
"I know darling, I will do everything so that you wont have to put up with him. I'll do everything for your." 
I smiled at him. 
"I know!"


We went out into the woods and Louis had chosen a venue. He knew another person who had a cabin and it became the meeting place. Louis hugged us hard when he saw us. 
"Damn it feels like forever since I saw you." 
Niall smiled and did so that Louis let us both go from his arms. 
"So anything new?" 
Louis smiled and nodded. 
"I sent the photo to the police for you, and I sent one to Bobby and I wrote a few words on a piece of paper. I hope he gets scared." 
Niall received an envelope and I understood that copies of my photo was there in. 
"Thank you friend!" 
Louis pointed to the cottage. 
"Jeff will let you stay here if you like. Cops are never here and you can do whatever you want." 
Niall nodded gratefully. 
"Have you said anything to the other?"
Louis looked down at the ground and kicked away a stone. 
"I had to. I know you didn't want that, but they wondered why you disappeared." 
Niall swallowed. 
"It's okay!" he said and then looked at me. "We can stay here if you want?" 
I had no choice. I didn't want to sit in a car all the time and in the house we could live a normal life. 
"We stay here?" 
Niall smiled and nodded. He gave me a kiss and took my hand. Then we headed towards the cottage.


The cabin was larger compared to what I had imagined. We had a bedroom, a lager room, a kitchen and a large bathroom. 
"It's newly renovated." said Louis cheerfully. Niall was happy. 
"We'll stay here, if Jeff now allowing us?" 
Louis nodded and gave Niall keys. 
"Maybe he's coming here to look after who you are, but he doesn't mind."

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