My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


16. Being homeless

Niall bought food and Louis drove us out to the cottage. It wasn't maybe the best place to be in, because we had neither electricity or running water. Louis ordered so that we got a fridge and he arranged power from a car battery. It was better than nothing. 
"We should find a better place." Louis muttered and then looked at me. "It was fortunate that Niall came in when Bobby ...." 
He paused. I just nodded. 
"Of course!" 
Niall cleared his throat lightly and made ​​sure we got a bed. He pulled together two sofas and put blankets between them. Louis brought in wood and in the end we had everything that we needed to pass a night. 
"There's beer in the basement." Louis mumbled and walked towards the door. "You may call if there is something you need."


Niall hugged me. He took his arms around my body and I took my arms around his. We stood there for a minute before he released me.
"Sorry I didn't stayed with you." he whispered. "I feel guilty and I know I should have talked to Dad."
I swallowed.
"Niall, it's okay. You couldn't know that he was bad a hunk."
Niall nodded and then he looked at his watch. 
"Let's go down to the lake for a swim, you must be clean and I haven't showered in a few days." 
I blushed. 
He laughed and fetched towels. 
"I have seen you naked before?"


Okay, it was cold in the water, but wonderful. We swam and Niall had taken with him shampoo and soap. He put me in the shallow water and he took the soap on my body carefully.
"I do it myself!"
He shook his head and smiled at me.
"I'll take care of you, darling!"
I blushed.
"I'm not a kid?"
He kissed me quickly.
"Bathe now so that you get off your soap."


When I came up, he did so that we were dry. He picked up everything and we walked naked back to the cottage. I blushed all the time.


Niall put me down by the fire with blankets on me. He picked up the beer and then sat on a blanket beside me. I looked down at his naked body and wondered if he didn't freeze. Niall met my gaze and smiled weakly. 
"So what should we do?" 
I looked at him questioningly. 
"With what?" 
He laughed lightly and lay down on his back. 
"I mean, now? Should we travel around or stay here?" 
I lay down beside him on the floor and looked up at the ceiling. 
"We're homeless?" 
He agreed. 
"And we have the money?" 
I laughed lightly. 
"So why not just get on the road and fuck everything here at home?"
Niall liked the idea. 
"And find the things we want to do, without anyone being able to tell us that we should take care of us?" 
I nodded. 
"Let's do it?" 
He sat up and opened a beer can. 
"WE DO IT!" 
He drank up all at the same time. Then he opened a new can of beer and gave it to me. 
"Good! Then we have a plan?" 
I nodded and sat up. I took the beer and drank. Niall opened a new one and we looked into the fire. He then looked at me again. 
"We're together now, I mean, a couple?" 
I grinning. 
"If you want? 
My dream come true and I could do nothing but enjoy. Niall was mine and he would take care of me. I wasn't afraid and I felt safe with him. He was everything I wanted and with him I would get to see things I haven't seen before.

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