My so called brother

Bobby married my mother Marry. As a bonus, I got two brothers. Greg and Niall Horan. Between me and Niall cut it out directly. I was the good girl and he was my opposite. I hated him.


4. A bad day!

I woke up the next morning when Bobby came into my room. He smiled and pulled up the blinds. 
"Rise and shine!" 
I smiled and saw at him that he was in a good mood. 
"Will mom come home today?" 
He looked at me and become a little more serious. 
"They haven't called yet, but I'm  thinking that you and I could find something other to do today?" 

I understood that he wanted to make me glad again. He wanted that I wouldn't feel forgotten and I nodded a little bit. Bobby pulled off my blanket and then went to the door. 
"Breakfast's ready in five minutes, then get up."


Bobby took me down to the clothes shops and we spent several hours to find clothes for me. I knew he hated to wait and stand and stare, but he did everything not to show it. I felt proud over that he was my mom's husband, and he was my so-called dad. 
"We can eat at a restaurant." he said quickly when we came out of one of the stores. I smiled at him and nodded. I had got both dresses, pants and some shirts. I was in a good mood and he had to choose restaurant.
"Don't tell your mom about this." he said and laughed a little bit. "She's going to think I jut trying to spoil you." 
"I promise!" I said and giggled lightly. "She doesn't need to know everything?" 
Bobby just smiled and we walked through the door. He chose a table and we sat down. I let him decide what we should eat and I enjoyed sitting there.


We got in the food and I immediately began to eat. All of the door flew up into the dinning area and an angry Niall appeared. 
"What the hell, you can certainly eat with her here but you don't bring your own son to a restaurant?" 
Bobby looked up in surprise at him. 
"We just .." 
Niall was angry and he hit his fist on the table. 
"You're not fucking say we'll just..." 
Bobby become angry, stood up and pulled Niall from the table. They stood outside dinning area, on the street, and almost heard through the window that Niall was pissed. I swallowed and noted that many people sat and whispered about Bobby and Niall. I was ashamed and I realized that the day was almost ruined. Right as it was, I saw that Niall calmed down. Bobby stood a long time and talked to him. It was as if Niall really realized he did the wrong thing and I was surprised. Niall didn't usually listen to Bobby and certainly not when he was angry. It was as if Niall just calmed down and became normal.


"What did you tell him?" I asked as soon as Bobby came back to the table. "He was the quiet?" 
Bobby gulped and looked down at the plate. 
"We're not talking about Niall today. This is your day and it's you who should be in the center." 
I smiled and laughed a little bit. 
"So he just gave up?" 
Bobby just smiled and we ate the food that was on the table. He paid and then we took all the bags and walked towards the car. 


"Thank you!" I whispered when Bobby had started the car. "I had a good day even when Niall came." 
He smiled and drove out of the parking lot. 
"You're worth it!"


I was happy when I hung in all the clothes in the closet. I was so happy with the day and I realized I was lucky to have such a good dad, though he wasn't my biological father. Right as it was, I heard that Bobby was talking on the phone and I went to the door to listen if it was mom who he was talking to. 
"So she has bad blood values." I heard him say. I was cold all over and swallowed. "But when do you start with the treatment?" 
I stood outside the door. What was it he was talking about and was it about my mom? 
"Yes, I suppose you have to do everything so she'll be okay?" I heard him continue and he didn't sound happy. "No, her daughter doesn't know anything yet."


"What was that about?"
Bobby was startled and he spun around to look at me.
I swallowed and I was scared.
Bobby seemed to hesitate, and he put away the phone. He swallowed and sat down at the kitchen table. I chose to sit down on another chair and I stared at him.
"Please don't lie to me!"
Bobby looked down at his hands and I saw that he wasn't happy anymore.
"Your mother's very ill." he whispered and swallowed again. "She will stay in the hospital for a long time."
I felt the tears came and I just stared at him. In front of me appeared the pictures from my own father, when he was sick. I felt the same feelings in my body and I almost got panic.
"Very sick?"
Bobby nodded and looked at me again.
"She has cancer."


I don't know what happened. I left the house and just ran. I cried and I felt my whole body shook. I ran until my legs could run no more. I stumbled and fell foreward. I couldn't stand up and I couldn't bother me anymore. I cried and felt that my knees were scraped up against the asphalt. It didn't bother me, because the pain in my heart was much worse. I don't know how long I lay on the ground and I have no idea where I was.


It was Greg's voice. I felt two arms lift me up so that I could stand up. Then he hugged me tightly. I hid my face against his chest and continued to cry. We stood there for a long time and he held me so tight. I didn't know if I should say anything or if I even dried to talk. I just felt empty and before me I saw how my mom faded away. She was going to die and there was only me left.
"I hate life and I hate God!" I sobbed. "I hate myself and I hate the fact that all die all the time." 
"I know!" Greg whispered comforting and he didn't released me. "Cry, do whatever you want, but don't run away from home." 
"Who cares?" 
He kissed me on the forehead. 
"But I care.......!"
I didn't let go of Greg's body and I felt that he meant every word. 
"I want to die!" 
He quickly shook his head. 
"No, neither your dad or your mom wants you to die." 
I sniffed. 
"How do you know?" 
He sighed lightly. 
"Your mom loves you so much and I know she doesn't want you to give up. I can accompany you to the hospital and we can talk to her?" 
I nodded. 
"I want to go to Mom!" 
Greg released me and he wiped away tears from my cheeks. He looked into my eyes and smiled weakly. 
"Then we go." 
He nodded and pointed to his car, which was parked next to us. I understood that he had been out looking for me. 
Greg took up his cell phone and opened the door for me, I jumped in. He closed it and then I heard that he was talking on the phone. He spoke quietly and I didn't hear what he said. I continued to cry and put on my seatbelt. After a while Greg jumped in behind the wheel and smiled at me. 
"Now he knows that we go to your mom. He said it's okay and the hospital said it's okay."
I just nodded and watched the fog in front of me. I was only aware that he let the car roll away and he drove towards the hospital.

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