Vampire Love

Miranda is a 19 year old drop out. She is very rebellious, and her parents kicked her out. Not caring, she gets into drugs and sex. One day she meets a guy named Sebastian. She really likes him, and thinks him being a vampire is hot. Will he change her, or just leave her human? Will he love her, or leave her because of her ways?


17. Chapter 17


Sebastian's POV


There was nothing I could say or do. Beth had her hand on my back trying to re-assure me that nothing bad would happen. Miranda lay there, not moving and barely breathing. I sighed, and leaned down next to her. I can't lose her, I couldn't handle it. I held her hand, hoping she would be okay. Then I noticed she was getting paler, I wasn't sure if that was good or bad. Her purple hair got a tiny bit darker. Then, I saw her eyes open. I hugged her tightly, but she was weak so I stopped. 


Miranda's POV


Sebastian hugged me tightly and my body almost gave out. I looked at Beth and she looked scared. I am weak, and a little sick. This meant there was still a chance I could die. Sebastian held me close, then I began to get stronger. I could stand without nearly falling, and I wasn't feeling as sick. Sebastian smiled when he noticed I was no longer feeling sick. When I looked in the mirror my skin was pale, but it looked porcelain. My purple hair now has a darker tint to it. I smiled and I hugged Sebastian. He smiled again, and hugged me back. 


"Your visions were wrong," I smiled.

"I'm glad," he smiled back. 

"This is so exciting!" Beth butted in and hugged me.

I laughed. 

"I'm glad to see your okay," her husband said.


"We were worried about never meeting you, but Sebastian never shut up about you," one of the other guys said. 

"That's nice to know. Hey do you guys have alcohol?" I asked. 

"Bad idea," Sebastian said softly. 

I rolled my eyes. 


Beth brought me a drink, and I drank it. My mouth burned and it tasted horrible. After one drink, I handed it back to her and the guys laughed. Sebastian shook his head and I gave him a weird look. 


"I warned you," he laughed.

"Why the heck does it taste like that?"

"Your taste buds changed."

"Ew I don't like this. Can I still smoke?" I whined. 

"Probably not."

I sighed. 


Sebastian laughed again and I tackled him then sat on him. He seemed kind of shocked, and well, I got him off guard. I continued to sit on him and looked down at him. He was smiling a little and I got up. He stood up after me and put his arms around me. 


"You better be careful missy," he joked. 

"Oh I'm so scared," I said sarcastically. 

"You better be," he laughed. 

"Bring it on." 

"Oh I will," he whispered in my ear and we both laughed. 


Sebastian's POV 


Maybe tonight was the night....

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